Knowledge is Power-Essay


Knowledge is Power-Essay

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power-Essay

Knowledge is knowing things, facts, information, skills and awareness regarding something gained through experience and education. It is a theoretical or practical understanding of the subject under study. 

Knowledge is important in every aspect of life. We are rarely aware of what skills or information we need. It is important to stock up on a wide range of subjects and to acquire skills that we think will be useful in the future.

Man is not strong enough like a tiger nor can run fast like a horse nor can they fly like a bird, yet he is the most powerful species on earth due to knowledge. A tiger is physically strong but on the contrary, man is more powerful in mental capacity and thoughts. Physical strength is important but when we combine it with our mental strength we get a better understanding of how to use it better.

Knowledge helps us to transform our thoughts into action. Humans can domesticate birds and animals, train and rule them and use them with skills because humans are mentally superior to them. 

Knowledge is the real power gifted to humans by nature. It distinguishes them from other beings. Humans can acquire, learn, understand, experiment, research, perform, share and enhance their skills and knowledge. The more knowledge they acquire, the more power, capacity and authority they gain.

Man has progressed and developed to a great extent by his intelligence. He has physical as well as intellectual strength. With mental capacity, it is possible to advance and achieve superiority when physically strong.

Knowledge can be used both in positive deeds and negative deeds. When we use our knowledge, we should act wisely avoiding its negative or harmful effects. 0 0 0


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