Drug Addiction-Essay


Drug Addiction-Essay

Drug Addiction-Essay

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction-Essay

‘Drug Addiction’ is a complex neurobiological disease. People who have drug addiction experience compulsive, often uncontrollable cravings for their drug of choice.

Drug addiction is not an immoral code of conduct but a chronic disease that has various direct and indirect effects on the addicted person. The severity depends on the use of a specific drug and the quantity of the usage. It can lead to changes in mood, changes in appetite, weakness, blood pressure, etc. There are other more persistent effects like mental illness, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, etc.

There are a lot of indirect effects on the addicted person and the people around him. This can include affecting a person’s sleep, nutrition and decision-making ability, education, employment, social relationships, family status and can lead to violence, injury, engagement in illegal activities, unprotected sex, HIV and other transmissible diseases.

Drug addiction results in the following effects on the addicted persons:

Drug-addicted people often lose their consciousness which can lead to unprotected sex. It greatly increases the chance of contracting HIV and other transmissible diseases.

Drug-addicted people easily develop mental health issues like depression, paranoia, anxiety disorders and aggressive behaviour.

One might get into criminal activities to meet the daily need for drug supply in case of a financial crisis.

It may lead to cardiovascular conditions like abnormal heart rate and heart attacks. It can also cause infections of the blood vessels and heart valves.

Chronic use of some drugs like heroin and steroids can cause severe damage to the liver and can also lead to liver failure.

So, there are several undesirable direct and indirect effects of drug addiction that can relapse. Such addiction, in the long term, can damage one’s personal and social life completely.

It is wise to avoid such fatal habits for a secure, better, and healthy life. 0 0 0

Drug Addiction-Essay

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Drug Addiction-Essay

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