Joyadhaj Singh-Brief Life Sketch


Joyadhaj Singh-Brief Life Sketch

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Joyadhaj Singh-Brief Life Sketch

Joyadhaj Singh

Joyadhaj Singh-Brief Life Sketch

Joyadhaj Singha was an Ahom King. He was the son of Ahom king Chutinpha (Nariya king). During his time, Naga and Miris revolted and he suppressed them. 

In 1663 the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb sent Mirjumala to invade Assam. The Ahom army was defeated by Mirjumala. The Mughals conquered Assam. Joyadhaj Singh escaped to Kamarupa. In 1663, a treaty was signed between Joyadhaj Singh and Mirjumala at Ghiladhari Ghat. According to the terms of the treaty, the Mughals were compensated for the war and the territories of Darang, Dimriya, Ragi, Kamrupa etc. were ceded and the Ahom kingdom became subordinate to the Mughals. 0 0 0

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