Radha-Rukuni-Brief Life Sketch


Radha-Rukuni-Brief Life Sketch 


Radha-Rukuni-Brief Life Sketch


Radha-Rukuni-Brief Life Sketch 

Among mass revolts in history, the revolt of the Mowamariyas of Assam in the eighteenth century was a noteworthy one. The strong participation of women in this mass uprising is a wonderful chapter in history.

This revolution was led by the common peasantry of all castes and tribes against the extreme injustice, iniquity and tyranny of the arbitrary Ahom monarchy towards the end of the six-hundred-years Ahom dynasty. The two wives of Nahar, Bhatuki and Bhabuli alias Radha-Rukuni played a strong role in organizing the common people against the Ahom monarchy.

Once the Ahom king Lakshmi Singh sent people to the forest to cut down trees to build a Bardak. Radha-Rukuni called upon the people of the village and said, “This is the abode of the primitive people, the king has no right to cut its trees.” The king’s men were compelled to go back without cutting off a single tree.

It is worth mentioning that these two heroines formed a strong fighting force of women. At first, when the revolutionary forces and the royal forces clashed head-on, the royal forces could not withstand the might of Radha and Rukuni and the royal force was tragically defeated. Radha and Rukuni were very clever and learnt the secret of war strategy. It is pertinent to note that during the reign of King Ramakanta after the capture of Rangpur by the Revolutionary Forces, these two women emerged as mentors.

The latter died as a result of a conspiracy by the monarchy, although their invincible reputation continued to be recorded in the biased royal history. 

These two great women who sought the liberation of the oppressed would remain immortal in the course of history and women of our day might be inspired by their valour, courage and ideals. 0 0 0

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