If I Were the Principal of a School-An Essay


If I Were the Principal of a School-An Essay

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If I Were the Principal of a School-An Essay

If I Were the Principal of a School

If I Were the Principal of a School

The headteacher or principal is the teacher who is in charge of the management of a school in accordance with certain rules and regulations. 

There is a principal in our school. Although he is an ideal principal yet I personally do not agree with some of his governing policies. So if I become the principal of any school in the future then I would run the school as described below.

First of all, I would give more importance to teaching students about how to be a good person instead of being a good student because in our society we need more good people than good students. We see in reality that students, who are good at reading and writing, become the most corrupt government employees after completing their studies. They became involved in all kinds of illegal activities such as misuse of government funds, taking bribes, not being present in the office on time, being involved in alcohol, gambling etc. I would provide such education to the students so that they can stay away from any anti-social activities and corruption in the future and serve society in principle. 

Second, I would stop giving mid-day meals to the students. This is because the principal of the school as well as the upper officials are seen to be corrupt in everything related to the mid-day meals. For example, we have 200 students in our school, although our principal prepares a food budget for 250 students and receives funds from the departmental authorities. Students are not provided with adequate food. Food standards often go down drastically. Many students throw them away. I am also one of them. Therefore, I would send the funds received from the government for lunch to the bank accounts of the parents of the students so that the students can bring home-cooked food to the school. 

Third, I myself adhere to discipline and force my teaching staff to adhere strictly to discipline. I would also emphasize the need for each and every teacher to be idealistic so that the students can learn a lesson about human qualities from the lifestyle of the teachers. 

Fourth, I would make arrangements to provide some technical education to the students on my own. We see that a student who has passed M. Sc can’t fit the wheel of his bicycle, can’t cook any of his own food, can’t fit a bulb with one of the electric wires of his house, and can’t catch a net from a pond while fishing. In order to do a DTP, he has to run to the DTP operator. However, he is given a certificate of higher education. I would always strive to ensure that my school would not give birth to such types of people.

Fifth, I would force every teacher and all other employees to spend a portion of their salary in the public interest of society. This is because it has been noticed that today the irrational government pays more than the required amount to the teachers or other employees. As a result, their children become prematurely malnourished. Some people become addicted to alcohol, gamble or play games on their mobile phones, or buy a bike and misuse the money. I don’t want my students to be like that.

Sixth, before taking a test of students on the textbook, their character and human qualities such as: benevolence, discipline, kindness, honesty, frugality etc. should be tested. 

If I ever become the principal of a school, I would do more to build good people instead of creating good students. I know that in doing so, some people would thwart me and oppose me. But I would not care a bit. I hope that at least the common people would cooperate with me. 0 0 0

If I Were the Principal of a School

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If I Were the Principal of a School

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If I Were the Principal of a School

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