Honesty is the Best Policy-An Essay


Honesty is the Best Policy-An Essay

Honesty is the Best Policy- An Essay

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy-An Essay

Honesty is a set of qualities of a person which includes truthfulness, sincerity, dutifulness and just behaviour. The phrase ‘Honesty is the best policy’ reflects the value and importance of being truthful, dutiful and moral. It is one of the universally recognized and accepted statements. Honesty is one of the most appreciated characteristics that a person can have.  An honest person avoids all kinds of lying, cheating, flattery and everything that is immoral and loathsome. Honesty is a lesson that is learned from the people we live and deal with.

We grow up watching our parents, teachers, and others around us.  Honesty is a sign of strength and gives us long-term benefits. An honest person is one who acts as he says and is thus more reliable and credible.

The importance of being honest is immense. There will be more confusion and chaos in our society if everyone keeps lying and cheating with each other. For example, if one gets high marks by copying matters in the exams instead of studying hard, then there will be no importance of having knowledge. Or if we get fake degrees and get jobs then hard work will be of no importance and it will lead to inefficient work performance which can result in many adverse consequences.

Therefore, in every aspect of life, it is important to be honest. An honest person can lead a more confident and respectable life. The fruits of honesty can be enjoyed for a long time. We all should live an honest life and inculcate this virtue in our children from their cradles. 0 0 0

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