Health is Wealth-An Essay


Health is Wealth-An Essay

Health is Wealth-An Essay

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth-An Essay

Introduction: ‘Health’ refers to the state of being free from illness both mental and physical. A popular proverb says, ‘Health is wealth’. There is a universality to this saying. None can ignore it anyway. Nothing can be achieved without health. Life without health is a burden. A healthy man is ever happy. An unhealthy person suffers from many diseases and his life becomes miserable. So to maintain health, we should be careful from our childhood. To succeed in the world, we have to struggle hard and for this, we need good health.

Path to Health: We should carefully observe the rules of conservation of health. For this, we can follow  the following instructions:

First, we should be regular and moderate in our habits. We should breathe pure air. A morning walk in the fresh open air is essential for health.

Secondly, impure water being the source of many painful diseases,  we should use pure water. We can purify water by filtering and boiling it. 

Thirdly, we should eat nutritious food. Our food should be well cooked and chewed well and it should be digestible. We should take our food regularly at certain times. Overeating is harmful to health. We should never take alcohol. 

Fourthly, we should do regular exercise to make our bodies healthy and strong. We should play healthy games and participate in sports. Overwriting, over-exercise and overwork are also bad for health. So we should avoid such habits. Flawless entertainment is essential for health.

Fifthly, we must maintain cleanliness in everything. We should keep our surroundings neat and clean. 

Sixthly,  our homes must be high and dry. They should be well-ventilated and kept clean. Humid and sick airy houses bring in disease. We must follow the maxim, ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man perfect and happy’.

Conclusion: Students should take care of their health. Recovering lost health is very difficult. Prevention is better than cure. Without health, students cannot study and cannot expect to do anything good and great. They should be very careful with regard to diet and exercise. They should remember that health is wealth. 0 0 0

Health is Wealth-An Essay

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Health is Wealth-An Essay

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Health is Wealth-An Essay

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