Galileo Galilee-Brief Life Sketch


Galileo Galilee-Brief Life Sketch


Galileo Galilee-Brief Life Sketch

Galileo Galilee

Galileo Galilee-Brief Life Sketch

Galileo Galilee was an Italian astronomer. He was born in 1568 in the city of Pisa in Italy. His father’s name was Vincenzo Galileo and his mother’s name was Giulia Ammannati. His father was a musician. Since his early age, Galileo bore some talent in him. Hence his father wanted him to be a doctor. Galileo, however, was more interested in Mathematics than in medicine.

In 1809, Galileo invented the telescope and used it to study the lunar surface and Jupiter’s satellites. He was a supporter of Copernicus’ decision regarding the motion of planets and satellites. But the Greek Catholic Church was reluctant to agree with the theories of Copernicus because it contradicted the geo-centric notion of the Greek philosopher Ptolemy, which had been going on for nearly a thousand years. Galileo noted down his scientific theories and opinions in his book ‘Dialogue Concerning Two Chief World Systems: Ptolemiac and Copernicus’. The book soon became popular. However, he was punished for violating religious rules and his book was banned. 

Galileo Galilee died in 1642 in prison. 0 0 0


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