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 For Not Being Loved

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( A Short Story by M. Menonimus)
For Not Being Loved

For Not Being Loved

For Not Being Loved

Pritish is one of my neighbours. He is a youth of about twenty-five. He has got married two years ago. He has inherited nothing except poverty from his parents.  He was the eldest son of his parents. The name of the youngest one was Rakesh. He left the village when he was twelve years old and now, it is heard that he lives in the city of Guwahati and has got his temporary establishment there as a coolie (porter). Pritish is a labourer by profession. He has the ability to do lots of work such as – sometimes he drives a rickshaw, sometimes he works as a helper to a mason, sometimes he works as a page boy in a shop, and sometimes he steals gadgets in the market sides. He married Miss Nima who is, even after two years of their married life, still underage. She has to wait three years more to arrive at the age of eighteen. Though she is under age she looks outwardly like a mature girl of sixteen or seventeen as her physical structure is strong and robust.

Pritish, within this span of twenty-five years, has acquired lots of experience in life. In his boyhood, he was a good, calm boy and he associated less with the bad boys of his age. He lost his parents at the age of ten and since then he had been struggling to stand on his own feet.

At the age of eighteen, he became addicted to wine and gambling as a reaction to receiving a bad beating from the market people as a consequence of stealing something from a shop. Another day he experienced a badly ear-twisting from a passenger while he made the wrong course of his rickshaw and made a minor accident.

He usually returns home at about ten p.m. and arriving home he usually engages in quarreling with his wife as a reaction to his drinking heavily. Sometimes he beats his wife who in turn begins to cry loudly till the remaining hours of the night. Consequently, his neighbours get deprived of their sweet sleep and for this, his neighbours hate him. They even think of driving him, with his wife, away from the village. Though his wife gets beaten and rebuked by his husband at night, yet at day time she seems to be hale and sound and she associates with a smiling face with the other neighbouring women.

In the next village, there lives a saintly man about sixty. He is poor but respected by all irrespective of caste and creed. He spends most of his time praying and meditating on God. He has also made some disciples with whom he imparts divine knowledge and teaches the lessons of a moral and simple happy life.

One day Pritish went to that saintly man, being persuaded by one of his associates. Going there, he prostrated on the feet of the saint and begged, “Please take me as one of your disciples and bless me with your holy touch.”

The saint then replied, “Come tomorrow morning after taking a bath with soap in the river.”

The Next day Pritish did accordingly and went to the saint. 

The saint took him as one of his disciples and taught him the basic lessons of a good life and since then he became a changed man. He ceased drinking, gambling and beating his wife.

No-a-days he returns home earlier and after his super, he isolated himself in a corner of his house and spends his hours meditating on God. He becomes so calm and quiet that people can hardly realize that there lives a couple.

His neighbours, now, begin to have good sleep for not being disturbed by the loud sound of crying of Miss Nima at night.

But one morning I come to hear that Miss Nima is bewailing with suppressed sound. 

To curb my curiosity, I asked Miss Nima, “What has happened to you? Have you been beaten by your husband?”

She replied, “No, nowadays he does not beat me but I am crying because he has ceased to love me.” 0 0 0


For Not Being Loved

N.B.  The short story ‘For Not Being Loved’ originally belongs to the book ‘Neha’s Confession and Other Stories’ by Menonim Menonimus.

For Not Being Loved

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