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The Three Youths

(A Short Story by Menonim Menonimus)

The Three Youths
The Three Youths

The Three Youths

The principal characters of the present story are three youths named Akhil, Bhadra and Asha. They all have their particular hobbies which have differentiated them from the rest of the people. They belong to the great city of Kolkata but they are not known to each other.

Akhil is a youth above twenty. He is a bachelor of arts from Siliguri University. He is a youth of medium height always wearing black long pants and a blue shirt. He bears a fair attractive complexion. After taking B. A. he becomes a freelance journalist and earns a good amount of money by fits and starts. In society, he is well-reputed as a queer sort of fellow as he bears a strange hobby of helping-either monetary or physically- people in peril. Half of his earnings, he spends, on helping the afflicted, poor, and beggar and he always seems active in defending people against atrocity. Whenever he goes he looks for people in peril and runs to them with his helping hand.

Bhadra is the second character of the story. He is a youth about twenty or so. He bears a pink complexion and a heavy body but is strong enough to lift a hundred kilograms of weight easily. He always wears jeans and a black shirt that looks him like something wayward. His look usually dreads the children. He appeared four times in the Matriculation Examination but failed each time pathetically. His queer hobby is that he likes to make fun with the acquainted young girls and with the unacquainted, he is very severe and likes to tease them, and if the opportunity avails he tries to rape them vehemently. For this strange hobby, he had been to jail several times.

The third character of the story is a female. Her name is Asha, a student of Philosophy, reading at Calcutta University. She is a fair smart girl of twenty-two. She likes to wear pants and a shirt like boys. She bears a mole at the top of her nose which adds a peculiar charm to her beauty. In her outward attitude, she seems to be coquettish but in reality, she is a girl of honest character. She has a queer hobby to be joked at and insulted by the young boys. She is masculine and bold and likes to face any challenge with audacity. She likes to wander about here and there at night without any company with her.

One day she paid a visit to the seashore near Sundarban. She went to the less frequented far offshore and roamed about for more than two hours singing her own way like the wild finch. When she took to her return journey on foot, the sun was about to set. The cold sea wind was blowing. She took the way which was less frequented by people because she liked to be extraordinary in her outlook from the rest of the people. The road was lonely. There she hardly came face to face with a pedestrian. In such a moment her hobby of getting teased or insulted by a youth wakes up in her. She thought to herself, “What a romance it would be if a youth follow me and tease me or try to rape me in such a lonely way!” Thinking of it she felt a sensation in her entire body.

The whereabouts of Bhadra lay there. He was then on the evening walks and was roaming about to avail an opportunity to catch hold of a young girl. And fortunately, he happened to notice that a girl was walking ahead toward him. He gazed at her and found her to be his worth victim for the night. He also walked ahead towards her with a heart swelled up with emotion.

In the meantime, Akhil happened to be there as he was on his way home from seeing off his friend in the port. He was walking in a leisurely mood because he liked to take walks along the solitary road in the late evening. As he was walking ahead he thought that if he would get a chance of rescuing a girl in peril. He felt a heroic sensation in his heart. Just at that moment he threw his eyes ahead and saw that a robust youth has been wrangling with a girl. He had been trying to unclothe her and forcibly holding her towards him. Then he saw that the youth was trying to embrace her and the girl was trying to defend herself from the claws of the rogue. Seeing so, Akhil made a shriek within him and ran on with all his speed towards the spot.

The sun had already set under the western horizon and it became dark. The tempo of the cold sea wind seemed to be increasing and the dry leaves of the trees at the ridge of the street heard to be ringing in the wind.  0 0 0

The Three Youths

N.B.  The short story ‘The Three Youths | Menonim Menonimus’ originally belongs to the book ‘Neha’s Confession and Other Stories’ by Menonim Menonimus.

The Three Youths

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