Man’s Worst Enemy Is His Tongue-Amplification

Mans Worst Enemy Is His Tongue-Amplification


Man’s Worst Enemy Is His Tongue-Amplification

Man’s Worst Enemy Is His Tongue

Man’s Worst Enemy Is His Tongue

Man’s Worst Enemy Is His Tongue-Amplification

The statement, ‘Man’s worst enemy is his tongue’ is said to refer to the adverse result of our harsh speech.

We know that our speech reflects our personality. People judge us by our words. So the good words that come out of our tongues can present us as respectable ones in society. Similarly, when a person uses harsh or rough words, everyone around him turns hostile to him. By using good and sweet words, we can conquer the heart of others. Even an enemy can be turned into a good friend through sweet words.

Therefore, our respect or humiliation depends largely on our tongue (speech). 0 0 0

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