Cleanliness Essay


Cleanliness Essay

Cleanliness-An Essay


Cleanliness Essay

Introduction: Cleanliness is the habit of keeping the body and things of daily use free from dirt. A proverb says, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ For this, we have to bathe daily, rub our bodies well and keep our clothes, rooms, utensils, food etc. clean and hygienic.

Benefits: Cleanliness is considered a religious duty. Those who maintain cleanliness in body and things are pure in mind also. Cleanliness enhances our moral and spiritual life. Hindus never do any religious work without bathing. Muslims wash their hands and feet before prayer. Men with dirty habits cannot have a pure character.

Cleanliness is a necessary condition for good health. Dirty habits spoil our health, while cleanliness promotes this. Dirty clothes, unclean bodies and unclean foods are very injurious to health. If we wash our bodies properly, then impurities cannot remain in us. It helps in the free circulation of blood. Our clothes and beds should be clean and tidy. We should keep our rooms free of dirt. When we eat food in a dirty room, dirt and germs of disease fly into our food. When we eat this unclean food, we get sick. So we should keep our house and surroundings clean and hygienic.  In dirty places, germs of disease flourish. If we are clean and hygienic in our habits, we can be free from disease and lead a happy life. A sound and clean body has a healthy and pure mind.

Cleanliness commands respect also. Everyone likes a man of clean habits. A person who is dirty in his body and dress is intolerable to others. He can spread the germs of disease. Dirty men are hated by all, while clean men are respected and liked everywhere.

Conclusion: Dirty persons suffer from various types of diseases. An epidemic first occurs in the dirty quarters. Therefore, we should practise this habit of cleanliness from our childhood. In this respect, parents and teachers should motivate the children from their initial stage of life. 0 0 0

Cleanliness Essay

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Cleanliness Essay

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Cleanliness Essay

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