Black Will Take no Other Hue-Amplification


Black Will Take no Other Hue-Amplification

Black Will Take no Other Hue-Amplification


Black Will Take no Other Hue-Amplification

‘Black will take no other hue’- is a wise saying. It is said as a metaphor to mean that the nature of things doesn’t change by mere decoration.

Coal is black. No cleaning effort can remove the blackness of coal.  Likewise, the nature or personality of a man does not change. It always remains the same. In other words, to say, the heart that has been completely corrupted can hardly be corrected by any good advice. Similarly, when the base of a building is very weak, only the exterior decoration cannot make it strong. The true nature of a man cannot be covered by anything. 

Therefore, all our efforts to get something good from a bad person should go in vain. 0 0 0

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