Andre-Marie Ampere-Brief Life Sketch


Andre-Marie Ampere-Brief Life Sketch 

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Andre-Marie Ampere-Brief Life Sketch

Andre-Marie Ampere

Andre-Marie Ampere-Brief Life Sketch

Andre-Marie Ampere was a French physicist and mathematician. He was born on 22 January 1775 in Lyon, France. He was educated in Lyon and Paris. He made significant contributions to the world of science by researching electricity and magnetism. The well-known ‘Ampere Law’ that he invented can determine the direction of the current and magnetic field. He was also skilled in the science of light, molecular theory and psychology. He also wrote a series of essays on the philosophy of science. He is recognized as the father of the branch of electrical motion science. In honour of Adre Marie Ampere, the practical unit of electricity is named ‘Ampere’ and the measuring device is named ‘Ampere Meter’.

This great scientist died on June 10, 1846.  0 0 0


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