Abul Fazal-Brief Life Sketch


Abul Fazal-Brief Life Sketch


Abul Fazal-Brief Life Sketch

Abul Fazal

Abul Fazal-Brief Life Sketch

Abul Fazal was a historian, diplomat, military commander and one of the Councilors of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was born on 14 January 1551 in Agra. His father’s name was Sheikh Mubarak Nagauri. Abul Fazl had a keen interest in various scriptures from his childhood onwards. In 1574, his elder brother Faizi the poet entered the court of Emperor Akbar and became favourite to Akbar for his extraordinary intelligence and prudence.

Abul Fazal played an important role in the affairs of Akbar’s rule. In particular, he had a profound influence on Akbar’s theology. In 1599, he was sent to South India as the Commander of the Mughal Army. On his return journey in 1602, Abul Fazal was killed after a conspiracy of Selim (later Jahangir) the son of Akbar. Abul Fazl’s wrote the book ‘Akbar Nama’. It is the most informative and reliable history of the reign of Akbar. ‘Ain-i-Akbari’ is another historical book by Abul Fazal. 0 0 0


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