Yogesh Das-Brief Life Sketch


Yogesh Das-Brief Life Sketch

Yogesh Das-Brief Life Sketch

Yogesh Das

Yogesh Das-Brief Life Sketch

Yogesh Das was an Assamese educator, storyteller and novelist.

Yogesh Das was born in 1927 in Hanschara Tea Garden, Dumduma. His father’s name was Suryakanta Das and his mother’s name was Chintamani Das. He received his high school education at Nilmoni Phukan High School. He passed the entrance examination with distinction in 1944 and graduated from Cotton College in 1949. He took post-graduation from Guwahati University in 1953. 

Since his student life, he began to write short stories and introduced himself as a young story-teller. His first novel, ‘Sanhari Pai’, was published in 1953.

Yogesh Das started his career as a teacher at Dumduma High School. From 1953 to 1988 he taught Assamese at B Baruah College, Guwahati and retired as the Head of the Department of Assamese. The pursuit of knowledge was the main goal of his life.

Teaching was his heartfelt appeal¸ although in parallel he wrote many stories, novels and essays and established himself as a writer of the first order.

Yogesh Das’s short stories include ‘Popiya Tara’ (1956), ‘Dawarar Aanre Aanre’ (1958), ‘Tribeni’ (1981), ‘Madarar Bedna’ (1983) and ‘Hazar Lokar Veer’ (1985). Novels: ‘Sahari Pai’ (1953), ‘Dawar Aur Nai’ (1955), ‘Jonakir Jui’ (1956), ‘Utkantha Utkantha’ (1960), ‘Chan Jui Khedi’ (1971), ‘Nirupaya Nirupaya’ (1963). ‘Emuthi Dhuli’ (1975), ‘Hejar Phul’ (1986), ‘Aboidha’ (1982), ‘Juir Dhooba’ (1982), ‘Naresh, Malti’ (1986), ‘Rajni Bidur’ (1981) etc. He had also written a book in English under the title ‘Folk-Lore of Assam’. He also translated two books: ‘Bane Bane’ and ‘Hem Baruah’ etc.

Prominent prose writer Yogesh Das had received many awards in his life. In 1980, he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for his book ‘Prithivir Asukh’. In 1986, he received the Mokshadananda Pathak Children’s Literature Award for his book ‘Akau Bane Bane’. In 1989, he received the Sitanath Brahmachowdhury Award for his book ‘Enajari’. In 1994, he was awarded the ‘Assam Upatyaka Sahitya Banta’.

Yogesh Das passed away on September 9, 1999. 0 0 0

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