Yogendra Nath Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch


Yogendra Nath Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch


Yogendra Nath Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch

Yogendra Nath Hazarika

Yogendra Nath Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch

Yogendra Nath Hazarika was an accomplished student, ideal socialist, well-organizer, well-known writer, intellectualist, magazine editor, lawyer, skilled MP, efficient administrator, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and former Chief Minister of Assam. Yogendra Nath Hazarika was more popular among the people of Assam as ‘Yogen Hazarika’.

Yogendra Nath Hazarika was adorned with all humane virtues. Yogendra Nath Hazarika, who had a beautiful physique and loved to wear white khaddar clothes, was a calm, serious, well-mannered, restrained, polite and intelligent man.  

Yogen Hazarika was born on February 24, 1924 in the village of Purnikhangia in the Tengakhat region of the Dibrugarh district of Assam to a poor family. His parents were Golap Chandra Hazarika and Ratna Hazarika respectively.

His family moved from Tengakhat, his birthplace, to Hatibandha village on the banks of the Buridihing River for financial reasons. He was a resident of Hatibandha village where there was not any primary school at that time. He attended Vekowajan Primary School in Tengakhat Ghanhi village. Yogen Hazarika, for being poor, had to sell tea and nuts to manage the expense of education. He matriculated in 1941 from Dibrugarh Boys’ High School and graduated from Cotton College in 1946. In 1949 he did his Master’s degree in Economics from Calcutta University. He took a B L degree in 1952.

He was a skilled politician and a Member of the Lok Sabha. He was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Department of External Affairs from 1952 to 1967.

From parliamentary politics, Hazarika entered the legislature of Assam politics in the eighties. In the Assembly election, he was elected to the Assam Legislative Assembly from the Janata Dal from the Duliajan Constituency of Dibrugarh district and held the post of Honorary Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly. In 1979, he became the Chief Minister of Assam for 91 days.

Yogen Hazarika held a law degree from the University of Calcutta in 1952. After obtaining a law degree, Hazarika started practicing law in the Calcutta High Court in 1952 and joined the Bar Library in Dibrugarh in the same year.

Yogen Hazarika also studied literature. In addition to editing a magazine entitled ‘Nayak’, he wrote essays in Assamese and English. Hazarika’s most notable book is ‘Consideration on Twenty-Five Million Soul of Tribal India’, written in English.

He died in 1997, 30 September.  0 0 0

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