Water-An Essay


 Water-An Essay

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Water-An Essay


Water-An Essay

Introduction: Water is a colourless, odourless, transparent liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers and rain. It has no taste, no smell no colour. It is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. 

Description: Water is found in three forms: hard, gaseous and liquid.  As a hard form, we find it in snow and ice. As a gaseous form, we find it in vapour and moisture. The simple liquid form is water.

Water is a very common thing. It is found everywhere. Two-thirds of the Earth is water and only one-third is land. Water is found in the sea,  rivers, ponds, canals, waterfalls etc. Our body also contains water. When we feel the desire for water in our bodies, we drink water. Ocean and seawater are salines. Many impure things are mixed with the water of rivers and seas. The water of the springs is very spectacular. It helps in digestion. Rainwater is the purest form of natural water.

Utility: Water is a very valuable thing. No animal or plant can live without water. It is very useful for us after only air. Cold water refreshes our bodies. It quenches our thirst. Water is used for cooking. Bathing in cold water is enjoyable. We wash our clothes and other things with water. Water makes our land fertile. 

Sometimes many impurities and germs are found in natural water. Drinking unclean water can make us sick. We should use filtered and boiled water. In towns, filtered pipe water is used. The germs of diseases are killed when water boils. We should use pure drinking water.

Conclusion: There is so much use of water that without it no life is possible. So We should not use wastewater and use it with consideration. 0 0 0

Water-An Essay

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Water-An Essay

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Water-An Essay

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