Village Life in Assam | Village Life in Assam Essay


Village Life in Assam Essay

 Village Life in Assam Essay

Village Life in Assam Essay

Village Life in Assam-Essay

An area away from a city or town commonly inhabited by naive and simple non-educated or less educated people whose occupation is mainly agriculture is called a Village. Assam is an Indian state which is primarily village-based. Ninety percent of the total population of Assam lives in the villages. The village life of Assam bears some peculiar characteristics. We can enumerate them briefly as below:

First, the village life of Assam is especially based on agriculture.  Every village of Assam consists of vast fields for producing crops of various kinds.  As the soil of Assam is fertile, almost all kinds of crops grow abundantly. Assamese people living in the villages may be called self-dependent as they produce all their necessary food staff in their fields. The agricultural products of the villages of Assam contribute the lion’s share to the economy of the state.

Secondly, the villages of Assam are rich in cottage industries. Assamese women are skilled weavers. They weave their necessary clothes for themselves and in addition to meeting their needs, the surplus goods are exported to the other states of India. The Assamese people living in the villages are skilled in handicrafts. They manufacture household furniture with bamboo and canes which have given peculiarity to the culture of Assam.

Thirdly, the village life of Assam is full of difficulties. As almost all the inhabitants of a village of Assam comprise of peasants, farmers, weavers, crafts and labourers so village life is full of hard labour. The peasants earn their livelihood with sweat. They suffer more physical hardship than those who live in cities or towns.

Fourthly, the village life of Assam is free from the artificiality and corruption which is seen in city life. The inhabitants of the villages are simple and naive and their heart is full of fellow-feeling which is visibly absent in city life.

Fifthly, the villagers live in direct contact with Nature. Assamese villages are rich in horticulture. They work in their own orchard, gardens and fields and enjoy the uncorrupted natural environment.

Comparatively the village life of Assam is happier than that of city life, though most villages are deprived of the modern amenities of city life. The inhabitants of the villages are united by love and fellow-feeling. They stand by one another in times of need. Most of them live in joint families, the members of which are held together by the bonds of hearty affection. 0 0 0

Village Life in Assam Essay

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Village Life in Assam Essay

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