Uttam Baruah-Brief Life Sketch


Uttam Baruah-Brief Life Sketch

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Uttam Baruah-Brief Life Sketch

Uttam Baruah-Brief Life Sketch

Uttam Baruah-Brief Life Sketch

Uttam Baruah (1939-2011) is a prominent Assamese writer and playwright. He was born in Azara, Guwahati. His father’s name was Chandra Baruah and his mother’s name was Rajini Baruwa.

Since his student days, he took to writing poems and plays and earned the admiration of all. While in the seventh standard, he wrote a book entitled ‘Mahapurushar Namghar’ and was praised by the eminent poet of the time, Nilmani Phukan. His first play, Bar Manuhar Dola was published in 1960. After this, he wrote many successful plays. Notable among them are: Barraja Fuleshwari, Hengdang, Jerengar Sati, Champakar Sati, Lachit Bar Phukan, Kushal Konwar, Gomdhar Konwar, Laila Majnu, Mula-Gavru, Panditar Jivan, Ajir Manuh, Madyabittar Sansar, Momai Tamuli Barbaruah, Dristipat, Paribaror Biya, Chor, Moidam Jigyasa, Devdasir Jivan Jigyasa etc. In addition to these successful stage plays, Uttam Baruah also wrote some plays for radio.

Apart from writing plays, he also wrote theoretical articles in the newspapers such as Nilachal, Ranghar, Purbachal, Dainik Assam, Asambani, Agradoot and others. Uttam Baruah, through his writings, not only glorified the past of Assam but also exposed the corruption of Assamese society.  

He received numerous state and national awards in recognition of his works. In addition, he received the honour of great personality in the year 2000 from the American Biographical Institute. He also received the ‘Karmashree Award’ from Jyotirupa and honour from the Radhagobind Sports Association. He was also nominated as a member of the Raja Rammohun Roy Foundation of Calcutta.

Uttam Baruah died in 2011. 0 0 0


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