Travelling to a Historical Place-Essay


Travelling to a Historical Place-Essay

Travelling to a Historical Place

Travelling to a Historical Place

Travelling to a Historical Place-Essay

Introduction: A place having a historical background is called a historical place. By instinct, man feels an eager curiosity and desires to see new places, he desires to learn new facts and desires to see the monuments bearing the testimony of past happenings.  And to quench this curiosity he takes travelling to far-off places.

My Travelling to Sonitpur: I have also a weakness for travelling to historical places and since my boyhood, I have been carrying some pet dreams of seeing the ancient monuments of India.  Already I have paid a visit to Sonitpur, a historical place in Assam and here I am telling you about that travelling in brief.

Its Significance: Sonitpur was the capital of Bana, a king of ancient Kamrup. We have read in history that king Bana had a beautiful daughter named Usha Devi. To keep her safe from the touch of man he built a castle called Agnighar near the capital. Some armed forces were on guard for her safety. But one night she dreamed of Anirudha, the grandson of Lord Krishna.  In her dream, she fell in love with him. Usha had a friend named Chitralekha. With the help of Chitralekha, she called in Anirudha and fled with him. On the other hand, king Bana hearing the news of her elopement with Anirudha seized Anirudha and put him in jail. Shri Krishna, having been informed of his grandson’s captivity attacked the kingdom of Bana. Bana was a devotee of Lord Shiva. In such a time of peril, Lord Shiva came forward to help his disciple Bana. Resultantly a battle took place between Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. Shri Krishna won the battle and rescued his grandson Anirudha along with Usha Devi and went back to Dharaka. In history, this battle is called ‘The Battle of Hari-Har.’ It is called so because the battle took place between two gods Shri Krishna (Hari) and Shiva (Har).

Description of My Visit: I had a long hope to visit the Agnighar where Princes Usha was kept in isolation. Last year during the Summer Vacation the chance came and I seized it without failing. Fortunately one of my cousins happened to stay there for someday. I told him about my curiosity to visit the place and he immediately agreed to accompany me. on the first day of July, we started our journey by a night super.  we reached the place the next day at about 9 o’clock in the morning. I spent there a week. My cousin took me to many historical spots in Sonitpur.

Sonitpur is a very beautiful place with charming natural scenery.  The place is so neat and clean that I got astonished.  We saw the Agnighar, the Maha Bhairabi Mandir and the relics of the capital city of King Bana.

Conclusion: Thus enjoying the historical monuments of Sonitpur I quenched my long-nursed curiosity and returned home after a week. The memory of this visit will remain fresh in my mind all my life. 0 0 0

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