Sustainable Development


Sustainable Development

Steps Taken by the Government for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Steps Taken by the Government for Sustainable Development

Our surrounding both natural and man-made is called ‘environment’. It includes air, water, trees, animals, rivers, hills, houses, factories, industries etc. The human being is not only the slave of the natural environment but also dependent on it. Without the use of natural objects, human life is impossible. Nature is the sole resource of all energy for a human being. When our surrounding remains unaffected by human activities then it is called a sound environment. But with the increase in the human population, the natural environment has been deteriorating rapidly. As a result, natural sustainability has been decreasing rapidly day by day. The decrease in the natural standard of the environment is called environmental pollution and this pollution has stood as a menace in the face of human civilization. Environmental pollution may be classified as – air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, and sound pollution. But human being is not conscious of this degradation of the natural environment for which we have been facing some fatal problems. Already UNESCO and some countries of the world have become conscious of this degradation of the environment and resultantly some measures have been taken for the protecting environment by the governments which may be summarized as follows:

First UNESCO has declared 5th June as World Environment Day and has invoked all the countries of the world to take certain measures to make people conscious of the degradation of the natural environment. On that day some seminars are held in the educational institutes and concerned government departments where the teachers, students and officials along with common people talk about the environmental problems, the effect of the environment on flora and fauna and thus people are going to be aware of the fatal effects of the degradation of the natural environment.

Secondly, our country has passed a law concerning the development of the natural sustainability of the environment. The use of all kinds of chemical fertilizers that spoil the natural stamina of soil are prohibited from using on crop fields to save soil from being polluted.

Thirdly, the government has taken some bold steps for social foresting the main objective of which is to plant trees in the village areas and uncultivated lands. The government has opened a scheme of providing financial assistance to the sapling nursery industries with a view to encouraging social forestation.

Fourthly, many of the forests have been nationalized and declared as protected sanctuaries. Many saplings have been planted every year in the reserved lands.

Fifthly, hewing of trees is prohibited strongly. To decrease the dependence on wood for fuel, the government has taken steps to popularize the use the solar energy and other conventional resources of energy in household affairs.

Sixthly, under the Industry Act the government has taken some steps so that the concerned authorities must take some measures to reuse the refuse and it is highly suggested that the refuse might not fall into the soil and water which may cause degradation of their natural standard.

Seventhly, in the school curriculum, a subject or topic on the environment has been prescribed to be read by the students in order to make them conscious of the degradation of the natural environment and to make sure how to safeguard the earth from being polluted.

Eighthly, sound pollution is another menace to the face of human society. The main sources of sound pollution are sounds issued out of automobiles, microphones, radios, televisions, fireworks and the sound issued out of factories and industries. Air pollution mainly affects our ear-drum, lung, and brain which resultantly cause harm to our organism. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research the sound issued out of the radio, television, the microphone should be from 35 to 45 decibels. And the sound issued out of factories and industries should not be more than 85 decibels. But in our country, it is seen that this standard has not been maintained. For this, of late the government has taken steps to control sound pollution. In some countries for example, in Japan, decibel meters have been set up in the towns and cities to see that the propensity of sound does not break the prescribed limit.

Ninthly, the government has promulgated a law through which every municipality has been ordered to maintain to use of spittoons and dustbins in the cities to keep it clean.

All these measures have been taken by the government to control the pollution of the natural environment. But in India, the laws are often ignored because of people’s illiteracy and the corruption of governmental officials. But it is worth praising that the government has become conscious of the fatal menace faced by human society because of environmental degradation. If the steps taken by the government can be enforced effectively then the menace, we have faced due to environmental degradation, may be overcome in the days to come. Of course, the governments of every country in the world must come forward willingly and cooperate with each other in solving this deadly problem. And only then we would get earth free from pollution to live with a healthy and sound body and mind. 0 0 0

Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development,

Sustainable Development

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