To Err is Human-Amplification


To Err is Human-Amplification

To Err is Human-Amplification

To Err is Human

To Err is Human-Amplification

‘To err is human’ is a common saying which is true to all humans of all times. It means that making mistakes in our everyday doings is our human nature.

Man is the greatest creation of God. He is bestowed with the gift of intelligence and the power of thought. Yet sometimes he does mistakes in operating his everyday duties. Though he tries to do the right things, yet sometimes, for want of proper knowledge or under some unavoidable circumstances he happens to do mistakes. Hence it is said that none can lead a  life without making a single mistake in life. When a man goes through coursework, he must stumble over some of his mistakes. The only way to get rid of mistakes is to avoid working and sitting idly. But sitting idle is contrary to human nature. Because we must work for our survival. If we never speak, then there will be no mistakes in our speech. Similarly, if we do not involve ourselves in any work, we can avoid mistakes. But it is also a mistake to waste our time without doing anything.

Therefore, a human has to go through the path of mistakes to achieve his goal. 0 0 0

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