The Tea-An Essay


 The Tea-An Essay

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The Tea An Essay

The Tea

The Tea-An Essay

Introduction: Tea is the most popular of all drinks in the modern world. There are many people who can go without food but not without a hot cup of tea in the morning.

Description: The tea plant is grown from seed. It is cultivated by men. The plant usually grows to a height of six feet. It is shrubby and bears many leaves. The leaves are one to two inches long. These leaves are collected by the porter four times a year. Hundreds of coolies, both men and women, work in a tea garden. After collecting the leaves, they are dried on fire and rolled. These are now black and ready for use. Black dried leaves are called tea. Tea has various properties. Buds and young leaves make the best kind of tea.

How to Prepare: The dried black leaves are soaked in warm water for a few minutes. The leaves are then separated from the water. Milk and sugar are mixed with this brown hot water. In this way, tea is prepared and we drink this preparation. It is a refreshing drink.

Where Found: Tea was first cultivated in China. It now grows in India, Sri Lanka and in some other countries. Assam is the main tea-producing state of India. Plants grow well on sloping land. So, tea is grown on mountain slopes. Humid soil is not suitable for its growth. The Europeans started tea cultivation in India. Now many Indians have got tea gardens too.

Uses: Tea is a major source of national revenue for the Government of India. India gets a lot of money by selling tea abroad. 

Tea was first used only in cold countries. Now many people in our country drink tea and it has become a habit. The sweet drink is refreshing after labour. But if we take more tea, we feel less hungry and it can cause many diseases. Tea is also used for dyeing.

Conclusion: Nowadays, it seems that many people can go without food but cannot go without a cup of hot tea in the morning. So, we should grow more tea to provide for our people. 0 0 0

The Tea-An Essay

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The Tea-An Essay

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