Cotton-An Essay


Cotton-An Essay

Cotton-An Essay


Cotton-An Essay

Introduction: Cotton is a white soft thing like wool. It is a product of cotton plants and cotton herbs. Some cotton plants are short and some are tall. 

Description: The cotton herb grows to a height of three to five feet. The cotton plant and herbs bear green leaves and yellow flowers. After some days the flowers wither and fall down and young pods emerge in their place. When the pods are ripe, they break and cotton is found in them. Cotton has seeds. The fiber has to be separated from the seeds. The raw yarn is then threaded. This thread is woven into cloth.

Cotton is grown on high land. It is now cultivated almost worldwide. It grows extensively in India and America. In India cotton grows in abundance in the states of Punjab and Bengal and Assam.

Use of Cotton: People of India have been using cotton since ancient times. They made cotton clothes. The fibers were separated from the seeds by hand, and the threads were spread by hand-working spindles and then woven on hand looms.

Nowadays, spinning weaving is done with the help of machines in the mills. Earlier cotton was exported abroad to make textiles and other cotton goods. We had to depend on Europe for our clothes. But now, there are not many cotton mills in India. Indian weavers still make cloth in their huts.

Usefulness: Cotton is as important as rice or wheat. We cannot do without food and clothes. Therefore, the cotton industry plays an important role in the world market. We get our clothes from cotton. Cotton is used to make clothes, quilts, mattresses, cushions and even furniture. The thread is also used for sewing.  A  kind of oil is prepared from cotton seeds. 

Conclusion: We should try to grow more cotton and weave more cloth for ourselves. 0 0 0

Cotton-An Essay

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Cotton-An Essay

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Cotton-An Essay

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