The Study of Biography-An Essay


 The Study of Biography-An Essay

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The Study of Biography-An Essay

The Study of Biography

The Study of Biography-An Essay

Introduction: A biography is the story of a person’s life and deeds. It is a record of a man’s life, his successes and failures, his smile and tears, his hopes and aspires. 

Significance of Biography: The study of the biography of a great man is always a source of inspiration. Biography teaches us many lessons. Great men of the past reach our hearts through biographies. Biographies are not only wonderful works of art, but they are also highly useful human documents. They shape the lives of the future generation.

A man by nature, an exemplary creature. Many people have been inspired to do great works by reading the lives of great men in history and fiction. The life of great heroes like Rana Pratap Singh tells us that no sacrifice is too great, where the honour of one’s country is at stake.  The life of a great man tells us about the great qualities that made him famous. When we run into difficulties, examples of them come to our aid and inspire us with hope and courage.  An example is better than a precept. The study of the life stories of great men leads us to the right path and shows how we can make our lives sublime.

It is the work of biography to teach what man can be and what he can do.  The examples set by the great men do not die. There were great men like Ram Mohan Ray, a politician like Abraham Lincoln, an emperor like Ashoka, heroes like Harish Chandra, revolutionaries like Che Guevara, social reformers like Mahatma Gandhi, and religious leaders who enriched humanity. They all struggled all their life to make the world a better place for humanity.

The study of their life stories can motivate us to do great humanitarian deeds like them. 

Conclusion: The biography of a great man is more interesting than history or a novel. In the biography, we read about a man who loved people and worked for humanity. If we want to be great or better people then we should follow in the footsteps of great men. From the lives of great men, we find that they carefully studied the lives of their famous predecessors. The lives of great men tell us how to rise to the top and overcome difficulties.

Conclusion: We should study the biographies of the world’s personalities to learn great lessons because nothing can motivate and inspire us more intensely and deeply as the life stories of great men can do. 0 0 0

The Study of Biography-An Essay

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The Study of Biography-An Essay

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The Study of Biography-An Essay

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