The Rose-An Essay


The Rose-An Essay

The Rose-An Essay

The Rose

The Rose-An Essay

Introduction: Rose is a very beautiful flower. Its smell is very sweet. For its sweet smell and beauty, it is called the ‘Queen of Flowers. 

Description: There are many types of roses. Some are red, some white and some yellow. Roses grow on small thorny plants. No flower garden is complete without roses.  Rich men grow it in their gardens. The gardeners take great care of it. When the roses bloom, the entire garden looks grand and filled with a sweet fragrance. 

It is said that the rose was first cultivated in Persia and in ancient times, Persia was called the ‘Land of Roses’. It is now grown all over the world. It thrives best in warm climates. Rose is found in almost all the gardens of India. It is found in large numbers in Kashmir. The largest rose is found in Iraq.

Usefulness: The rose delights us with its beauty and sweet smell. We decorate our parlour and bedroom with roses. We make flower bouquets and garlands. Rosewater is prepared from the honey of roses. 

Conclusion: Every garden should have roses and the gardener should take great care of it. 0 0 0

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