The Postman-An Essay


 The Postman-An Essay

The Postman

The Postman-An Essay

Introduction: The Postman is a humble public servant who works in a post office. He gets a small salary, but his job is significant. He brings letters, parcels, money orders etc. from the post office and delivers them to their owners.

Description: Everyone knows the postman. He wears a khaki dress. It is given to him by the government. He carries a leather bag with him. He keeps letters, parcels, money, etc. in it. In the village, the postman carries postcards, envelopes and stamps for sale. The postman is easily known by hanging his khaki coat, khaki turban and his leather bag below the shoulder.

His Duty: The postman goes carrying on letters, parcels, money etc. sent from distant places, from house to house to deliver them to their addressees. His duty is labourious and sometimes it becomes hazardous. Village roads are not food. He can be attacked by robbers and wild animals. Despite these risks, he performs his duty honestly. 

The postman must be able to read and write. He should be healthy and hard-working. He has to move in the sun and rain. The postman must be honest and careful in performing his duty.  The careless postman is punished heavily.

Conclusion: The postman is a very useful public servant. He brings news from our friends and relations. Sometimes he brings bad news to us but still he is always a welcome visitor.

The Postman-An Essay

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The Postman-An Essay

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The Postman-An Essay

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