The Mango-An Essay


The Mango-An Essay

The Mango-An Essay

The Mango

The Mango-An Essay

Introduction: The mango is a type of luscious fruit. It belongs to the cashew family (Anacardiaceae). Its scientific name is ‘Mangifera indica’.  

Description: It varies in size and colour. Some are oval and some are flat in shape. Marigold mangoes are green and ripe mangoes are golden, yellow, or slightly red in colour. The ripe mangoes look beautiful.

Mango is usually found in hot countries. It is widely grown in India and it is called the ‘Indian fruit’.  In India, it grows abundantly in the states of  Maharashtra, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Assam.

There are many varieties of mangoes such as Lengra, Fazli, Kishanbagh, Mohanbhog, Himsagar etc. There are other local varieties.

Mango trees bloom in late January. In late March, these flowers turn into small green mangoes and gradually grow larger. In the months of May and June, they become mature and ripe. People take mango by removing the skin. There is a hard seed inside the mango.

Usefulness: Mango is a very tasty and nutritious fruit. We also eat green mangoes. The taste of green mango is usually sour. But some mangoes are sweet even though they are green. Indian people prepare chutney from green mango and preserve it to be used in any season.

The mango was almost unknown in England till the sixteenth century. Nowadays mangoes are exported to other countries of the world from India and Bangladesh. Mangoes are cheap in India. But in Europe, they sell at a much higher price. Mango orchards give a good income.

The mango tree is also useful for us. The mango tree is large and tall. Its branches and leaves are spread. The tree gives us a pleasant shade. The tree trunk can be made into planks. Mango trees are also used as fuel.

Conclusion: We should plant the mango tree in our orchard and should take to eat this luscious fruit. 0 0 0

The Mango-An Essay

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The Mango-An Essay

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The Mango-An Essay

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