The Rice-An Essay


The Rice-An Essay

The Rice-An Essay

The Rice

The Rice-An Essay

Introduction: Rice is a type of crop. It is obtained from paddy. Paddy plants are like grass. The plant has a thin stem. There are long leaves at the top. Paddy’s ears emerge from the top of the plant. There are about two or three hundred paddy grains in each ear. The ripe paddy grains appear golden.

Where to Plant: Rice usually grows in warm countries. Moist soil is suitable for this. India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Egypt are the major rice-producing countries. In India, rice is grown in almost all states.

Kinds: Three types of paddy are commonly grown in Assam. Bao kind is cut in the spring. The Ahu is available in the rainy season and the Sali variety in winter. Sali rice is better than Ahu and Bao rice. Ahu and Bao rice are thick but sali rice is fine.

Description: Ahu is grown on dry and high land. The soil is first tilled with a plough. When the soil becomes soft, paddy seeds are sown on it. Small plants grow in a few days. Gradually, paddy ears start coming out from above. When it ripens, the corn is harvested.

Sali paddy grows well on low land. This requires more care. First, a small plot of land is plowed well and made muddy. Paddy seeds are sown on it. Seeds grow here in plants. Meanwhile, a large field is prepared and then the plants are taken to it and planted there. After about three months we get paddy. 

Bao is grown on marshy land. It thrives well in water. The plant is tall.

How Rice is Obtained: When the corn is ripe, it is cut with a sickle. The corn stalks are then thrown and the paddy is separated from the straw. This paddy then is dried in sun and we get husk and rice. 

Utility: Rice is the staple food of the people of India, Bangladesh and Japan. Many types of cakes are made from rice. People also prepare muri, chiara, akhai from paddy or rice. Assamese people made a type of country liquor from rice. Its straw is used as fodder and fuel.

Conclusion: The countries where the principal food is rice, should grow more rice to provide sufficient food to their people. 0 0 0

The Rice-An Essay

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The Rice-An Essay

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The Rice-An Essay

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