The Love of Raghunath Chaudhury


The Love of Raghunath Chaudhury 

(Love Story of Raghunath Chaudhury)

The Love of Raghunath Chaudhury

Raghunath Chaudhury

The Love of Raghunath Chaudhury

Raghunath Chaudhary was a great romantic poet of Assam, a state in northeast India. He may be called the Wordsworth of India because he wrote poems, like Wordsworth, especially on the themes of nature. Therefore he is called the Poet of Birds because many of his exquisite romantic poems are written on birds. In theme, imagery, and style his poems are the peculiar property in the godown of Assamese literature. But the private life of this great poet was full of pathetic sufferance. This poet, throughout his life, remained unmarried.

The passion for love comes to everybody either sooner or later. Though Raghunath Chaudhary had led a life of celibacy throughout his long life, yet it did not mean that the passion for love had not come to him. To him also the passion of love for the opposite sex had come as it comes to everybody. But to say the background of his passion for love is a longer chapter of biography that has been still shrouded with the veil of mystery.

Raghunath Chaudhary (1879-1967) was born in a village called Laopara in the district of Kamrup. His father Bholanath Chaudhary was a well-to-do cultivator and his mother Mrs. Dayalata Chaudharini was a kind, benevolent and religious woman. Raghunath was the third but final child of his parents. In the family, there had always been the affluence of happiness and peace. Joy and smiles had been shining on the face of every member of the family. But amid such joy and happiness, one day, an accident happened to child Raghunath.   He fell down from the high foundation of their house to the lower courtyard and his two feet were crushed by the pressure of a piece of stone. As a result, his right leg became disabled and the left leg became feeble forever. The river of tears glided down over the family. With this accident, the fortune of the family turned back and misfortune began to spread its wings. At the age of four, Raghunath lost his elder brother and sister to the disease of cholera. After only a month after the death of his brother and sister, he lost his mother to the same disease forever. His father Bholanath Chaudhary became mad. He went out of his home. The child Raghunath fell in helplessness.

His father had immense property. When the misfortune seized the family, his kith and kin took the avail it and they snatched away all the wealth and belongings one by one and thus they plundered off the property of the Chaudhary household. One by one all the servants and stewards fled away leaving the family forlorn. In their household, there was a stewardess by the name of Laophuli. She was married to a very poor peasant, but her husband could not provide her with proper food and lodging and eventually, she was engaged to the service of the household of Raghunath Chaudhary as a servant. She had a girl by the name of Miss Jikaphuli. She was of the age of Raghunath. She was charmingly beautiful, lively and amiable. Raghunath played with her, chanted lulling rhymes with her, and played hide and seek with her. A close friendship developed between the two. He took her as his garland. One day, while the family teemed with calamity, Laophuli along with her daughter Jikaphuli left the home. Raghunath Chaudhary had been staring at them while they were walking on leaving him behind for their own. The departure of Laophuli and Jikaphuli gave Raghunath a shock. He cried and then wept. But they did not look back. The scene fell an everlasting effect on the heart of child Raghunath.

The memory of Jikaphuli remained long in the store of his memory throughout his life. It was the first and last love of Raghunath for a girl. But this love was utterly spiritual. There had been not a slight touch of amorous affection. Later on, Jikaphuli married a poor person. But Raghunath nursed her only in his memory secretly. He allowed none to know this. If anybody asked him to get married—he then reminded of the memory of Jikaphuli and repudiated the offer of marriage.

Here, a question generally arises in our mind, whether he had suffered from any sexual disability or whether he had suffered from an inferiority complex due to his physical handicap for which he hesitated to get married to a girl. But the answers to these questions have not come to our knowledge.

But sometimes he felt the need for the love of women in life and in many of his poems he reflected this passion. Most of his nature poems, especially the poems written on birds are metaphorical and the birds are often represented as his divine lovers. In one of his poems, he writes of carnal love as—

“Hope, happiness, peace, love, desire and comforts—all are a hallucination 

Being protean they only cheat me creating a puzzle in my heart.” 

As is the man so is his philosophy. Raghunath Chaudhary remained a bachelor throughout his life and hence a natural hatred for sexual love rose up in his heart. But his philosophy of love is not acceptable to all, otherwise, human civilization would come to an end within only a century. 0 0 0 Raghunath Chaudhury

Raghunath Chaudhury

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Raghunath Chaudhury

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