Century Quiz


Century Quiz

Century Quiz

Century Quiz

(A book of General Knowledge for students)

Internet Edition

Compiled & Edited by

Menonim Menonimus

Century Quiz (A book of General Knowledge for students ) compiled & Edited by Menonim Menonimus

Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)

New Edition


The quiz is an easier medium for acquiring knowledge through entertainment. Nowadays it seems that the demand and popularity of quiz books are on increase. In the market, some quiz books are also visible. But the quality and quantity of those are like a single chilly in a large pot of sauce. Realizing this scarcity of available quiz books in the market, we have undertaken this mission of bringing out a series of quiz books with the sole intention of helping the student community and readers in general. This present book entitled  Century Quiz is an output of our adventurous mission. This present book is prepared neither subject-wise nor topic-wise but as a medley of varied topics. In preparing this book we have collected and compiled data from various sources as- books, the internet, official documents etc. We have spared no pains to afford the accurate available data on various subjects in this book in quiz form. In spite of our meticulous carefulness to make this book error-free, there is every possibility of spelling and grammatical mistakes, desktop publishing mistakes due to oversight or lack of timely information. We look forward to overcoming all the shortfalls of the book that might have crept into the book anyway.

Therefore we expect all our readers to bring the mistakes and shortfalls to our notice so that we can make this book error-free in the next editions.

In fine, we acknowledge our debts for facts, data and all information used in this book to the Central Government of India, the Government of Assam, journals, Research report undertaken by many national and international institutions and organizations, UNESCO, other government institutions, other quiz books and internet sources.

This book of quiz Century Quiz (preceded by our other quiz book entitled ‘Quiz Miscellany) has been prepared with the purpose of helping the student community and reader in general in acquiring knowledge on the varied subjects at a glance.

We are not aware of copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. However, we will not only appreciate but also take immediate action to rectify and overcome any such thing which has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form towards anyone, in case it is brought to our notice.


Century Quiz

Q. Detective Philip Marlow smokes what brand?

Ans:   Camels

Q. Who landed on Timor Island after being cast adrift?

Ans:  Captain Bligh

Q. What is the more common name of the Chaparral Cock?

Ans:  The Road Runner

Q. In what language did St. Paul write his epistles?

Ans:  Greek

Q. Ian Fleming’s house was called Golden eye – which country?

Ans:  Jamaica. Century Quiz

Q. Alfred Schneider became famous as who?

Ans:  Lenny Bruce

Q. A C – Curity was the original name of what common object?

Ans:  Zip Fastener

Q. Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity is which organization’s motto?

Ans:  FBI

Q. Who was the first black entertainer to win an Emmy Award?

Ans: Harry Bellefonte

Q. Of what material was the hairspring made in early watches?

Ans:  Pigs Hair

Q. Which author created Dick Tracy?

Ans:  Chester Gould

Q. What is the world’s most widely used vegetable?

Ans:  Onion

Q. What type of animal is a vmi-vmi?

Ans:  Very small pig

Q. What did Mege-Mouries invent in 1870 winning a Napoleon prize?

Ans:  Margarine. Century Quiz

Q. What was Walt Disney’s middle name?

Ans:  Elias

Q. Who would you expect to find in Castle Gondolofo?

Ans:  The Pope

Q. What two items make up the dish devils on horseback?

Ans:  Bacon Prunes. Century Quiz

Q. What does ludo mean (literally)?

Ans:  I Play

Q. What animal was believed to be a cross camel–leopard?

Ans:   Giraffe

Q. An elephant has 400000 what in its trunk?

Ans:  Muscles

Q. What colour is cerulean? Century Quiz

Ans: Deep Blue

Q. The pica pica is what common bird?

Ans:  Magpie

Q. What male human feature was taxed in Elizabethan times?

Ans:  Beards. Century Quiz

Q. Which record company rejected the Beatles as being past it?

Ans:  Decca

Q. From which country does spinach originate?

Ans:  Iran

Q. British policemen have truncheons what is USA equivalent?

Ans:  Nightstick

Q. In DC comics Linda Lee Danvers is whose alter ego?

Ans: Supergirl

Q. In what country does the cow tree grow – sap looks, tastes milk?

Ans:  Venezuela

Q. The penny black – worlds first stamp – what was second?

Ans:  Twopenny Blue

Q. Which country produces Tokay?

Ans:  Hungary

Q. Where could you legally flash your dong – then spend it?

Ans:  Vietnam currency

Q. The Bald Eagle is America’s bird – What is Britain’s?

Ans:  Robin

Q. Australian Clement Wragge instituted what?

Ans:  Naming Hurricanes

Q. What does Zip stand for in the American Zip Code?

Ans:  Zone Improvement Plan

Q. What wood is plywood mostly made from?

Ans:  Birch. Century Quiz

Q. What is a Hummum?

Ans: Turkish bath

Q. In which sport are left-handed people banned from?

Ans:  Playing Polo

Q. What food was invented in a sanatorium in 1890?

Ans:  Kellogg corn flakes

Q. Percy Shaw invented what in 1934?

Ans:  Cats eyes

Q. What animal produces its own suntan lotion?

Ans:  Hippopotamus

Q. What was a Nuremberg egg?

Ans:   Pocket watch/clock

Q. What was the name of Isaac Newton’s dog – caused fire in lab?

Ans:  Diamond

Q. Who was eaten by dogs in the Old Testament?

Ans:  Jezebel

Q. Juglans Regia is the real name of what type of nut tree?

Ans:  Walnut

Q. What lives in a holt?

Ans:  An Otter

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of dancers and actors?

Ans:  St Vitas

Q. What is the world’s tallest grass?

Ans:  Bamboo

Q. Who reputedly first said – if in doubt tell the truth?

Ans: Mark Twain

Q. John Richie became famous under what name?

Ans:  Sid Vicious

Q. In Greek mythology who rowed the dead across the river Styx?

Ans: Charon

Q. Alfred White was a famous author under which name?

Ans:  James Herriot

Q. Which acid was first prepared from distilled red ants?

Ans:  Formic acid. Century Quiz

Q. What took place on London’s serpentine first time 16 June, 1930?

Ans:  Mixed Bathing

Q. Which European city was the bride of the sea?

Ans:  Venice

Q. Who (not Peter Sellers) played Inspector Clouseau in 1968?

Ans:  Alan Arkin

Q.  Yabusame is the Japanese version of what sport?

Ans:  Archery

Q. Which Dickens’ novel is considered an autobiography?

Ans:  David Coperfield

Q. Dendrologists worship what? Century Quiz

Ans:  Trees

Q. What is the national sport of Finland?

Ans:  Motor Rallying

Q. Who was Agrippa’s son?

Ans:  Nero

Q. Peter Goldmark invented what in 1948?

Ans: LP record

Q. Milton lost which sense?

Ans: Sight

Q. What are camel haired brushes made of?

Ans:  Squirrels tails

Q. Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower – what was his first name?

Ans:  Gustave

Q. The Salk vaccine is used against what disease?

Ans: Polio

Q. If you are born between June 23rd and July 23rd what star sign?

Ans: Cancer

Q. An alloy of Iron – Chromium and Nickel makes what?

Ans:  Stainless Steel

Q. Who said, Public service is my motto?

Ans:  Al Capone. Century Quiz

Q. Drakes Golden Hind was originally called what?

Ans: The Pelican

Q. What did the Victorians call servant regulators?

Ans:  Alarm Clocks

Q. Which country first used the fountain pen?

Ans: Egypt

Q. Freyr was the Norse god of what?

Ans: Fertility

Q.  TAP is the national airline of which country?

Ans:  Portugal

Q. In which country is the port of Frey Bentos?

Ans:  Uruguay

Q. The Koh-i-Nor is a famous diamond – what does the name mean?

Ans:  Mountain of Light

Q. A Nilometer measures the rise and fall of what?

Ans:  Rivers (originally Nile)

Q. What was Britain’s first colony (annexed in 1583)?

Ans:  Newfoundland

Q. What was Black Beauties original name?

Ans: Darkie

Q. What element is present in all organic compounds?

Ans:   Carbon

Q. What was Professor Moriarty’s first name?

Ans:   James. Century Quiz

Q. Who was known as the Little Brown?

Ans:   Saint Gandhi

Q. Who rode a horse called Morengo?

Ans:   Napoleon at Waterloo

Q. A skulk is a group of which animals?

Ans:  Foxes

Q. Who defended World heavyweight title twice on the same night in 1906?

Ans: Tommy Burns

Q. What part of an aircraft is the empennage?

Ans:  Tail Unit

Q. We know who wrote Little Women but who wrote Little Men?

Ans: Louisa May Alcott

Q. Who was the Goddess of the rainbow?

Ans:  Iris

Q. In which European city can you be jailed for not killing furry caterpillars?

Ans: Brussels

Q. Who was Olive Oyl’s boyfriend – before Popeye?

Ans: Ham Gravy

Q. Sienna law forbids women of what name from prostitution?

Ans:  Maria

Q. What do the letters MG stand for on cars?

Ans:  Morris Garages

Q. Who was the first actor to appear on the cover of Time magazine?

Ans:  Charlie Chaplin

Q. Polyphemus was the leader of which group of mythical giants?

Ans:  Cyclops. Century Quiz

Q.What does a pluviometer measure?

Ans:  Rainfall

Q. Which game was illegal in Elizabethan England?

Ans:  Bowls

Q. What nationality was Oddjob?

Ans:  Korean

Q. What language has the most words?

Ans:  English. Century Quiz

Q. Which film star used to be a circus acrobat?

Ans:  Burt Lancaster

Q. The comma bacillus causes what disease?

Ans:  Cholera

Q. Which country invented Venetian Blinds?

Ans:  Japan

Q. Pupik means belly button in what language?

Ans:   Yiddish

Q. What is the main ingredient in Borsch? Century Quiz

Ans:  Beetroot

Q. What was the name of Dr Dolittle’s Parrot?

Ans:  Polynesia

Q. What was the name of William Tell’s son (the apple head boy)?

Ans:  Walter

Q. Laika was the first-ever dog to do what?

Ans: Go into space

Q. Where could you spend a Markka?

Ans:  Finland

Q. What links a bick, throat, half swage, punching hole?

Ans:  Anvil they are parts of it

Q. The Fagus is the Latin name of what type of tree?

Ans:  Beech

Q. If you have Chlorosis what colour does the skin go?

Ans: Green

Q. The French say Bis – what word do the English use?

Ans:  Encore. Century Quiz

Q. What are Karakul, Texel, Romney, Marsh types of?

Ans:  Sheep

Q. What is biltong?

Ans:  Dried meat

Q. What type of fish is Scomber Scombrus?

Ans:  Mackerel

Q. What are brick, fontina, port salute, quargel types of?

Ans: Cheese

Q. In which country did the turnip originate?

Ans:  Greece

Q. Tchaikovsky died of which disease?

Ans:   Cholera

Q. Sam Barraclough owned which film star?

Ans:  Lassie

Q. Which animal can live longest without water?

Ans:  Rat

Q.Captain Hanson Gregory Crockett created what void in 1847?

Ans: Hole in Doughnuts

Q. Kaka means parrot in which language?

Ans:  Maori. Century Quiz

Q. Who wrote A Town Like?

Ans:  Alice Nevil Shute

Q. Which fruit contains the most protein?

Ans:  Avocado

Q. Ignatius Loyola founded which organization?

Ans:  Jesuits

Q. Which 16th century Italian wrote The Prince? Century Quiz

Ans:  Machiavelli

Q. Who tells the story in The Arabian Nights?

Ans:  Sheherazade

Q. Alfred Jingle appears in which Dicken’s novel?

Ans:  The Pickwick Papers

Q. Chaplin ate a boot in the Gold Rush – what was it made of?

Ans:  Liquorice

Q. Phoebe Anne Mozee is better known as who?

Ans: Annie Oakley

Q. What is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet?

Ans:  Kappa

Q.If you were misocapnic what do you hate?

Ans:  Tobacco Smoke

Q. In sailing ship days who often acted as the ship’s doctor?

Ans:  Cook

Q. An isoneph on a map joins places of equal what?

Ans:  Average Cloud Cover

Q. Who is Ivanhoe’s wife?

Ans: Rowena

Q. The Lent Lilly has a more common name – what?

Ans:    Daffodil

Q. What would you be if you were a coryphée?

Ans:  Ballet Dancer. Century Quiz

Q. Whose last words were – Crito I owe a cock to Asclepius?

Ans:  Socrates

Q. What does the German word Panzer literally mean?

Ans:  Armour

Q. What is France’s longest river?

Ans: Loire

Q. In which month is the Munich beer festival held?

Ans:  October

Q. What was the name of Norse God Thor’s hammer?

Ans:  Mjolnir

Q. Who ordered John the Baptist’s execution?

Ans:  King Herod

Q. What was Walt Disney’s first cartoon character?

Ans:  Oswald the Rabbit

Q. What medication discovered in 1928 but introduced 1940?

Ans:  Penicillin

Q. Who wrote Beau Geste?

Ans:  P C Wren

Q. Who was Aladdin’s father?

Ans:  Mustapha the tailor

Q. What American state is the Badger state?

Ans:  Wisconsin

Q. In China what colour does the bride traditionally wear?

Ans:  Red

Q. A muster is a group of which birds?

Ans:  Peacocks

Q. Bohea is a type of what?

Ans:  Tea

Q. In which country were antibiotics first used?

Ans: Egypt

Q. Which country grew the first Orange?

Ans:  China. Century Quiz

Q. Gossima was the original name of what game?

Ans: Table Tennis

Q. Wild marjoram is also known as what?

Ans:  Oregano

Q. Alfred Hitchcock admitted to being terrified of what?

Ans:  Policeman

Q. What was the name of Sancho Panza’s donkey?

Ans:  Dapple

Q. What is Steganography? Century Quiz

Ans:  Invisible ink writing

Q. An Albert chain is usually attached to what?

Ans:  Watch

Q. A fellmonger deals in what items?

Ans: Animal skins

Q.What colour habit do Franciscan monks wear?

Ans:  Grey

Q. Nenen-Kona is sold in Russia – what do we call it?

Ans:  Pepsi-Cola

Q. Hugh Lofting created which famous character?

Ans:  Doctor Dolittle

Q. What was the name of Russian bear mascot in the 1980 Olympics?

Ans: Mischa

Q. What ingredient must French ice cream contain by law?

Ans:  Eggs

Q. A kindle is a name for a group of what young animals?

Ans:  Kittens. Century Quiz

Q. What is the commonest symbol on flags of the world?

Ans:  Star

Q. Which country is alphabetically last?

Ans: Zimbabwe

Q. Minerva is the Goddess of what?

Ans: Wisdom

Q. What is the correct name for a baby otter?

Ans:  Kitten

Q. What colour is the gemstone peridot?

Ans: Green

Q. Sanskrit is an old language – what does the word mean?

Ans:  Put together (Perfected)

Q. In which country do they play houlani (a type of hockey)?

Ans:  Turkey

Q. What does the name Tabitha mean?

Ans:  Gazelle

Q. With what is spangy played?

Ans:  Marbles

Q. The Pogues took their name from Pogue Mahone – what does it mean?

Ans:  Kiss my arse

Q. Mosi-oa-Tunya ( Smoke that Thunders) what natural feature?

Ans:  Victoria falls

Q. One person every 6 seconds dies from what?

Ans:  Contaminated water diseases

Q. Approximately 40 million of what is consumed each year?

Ans:  Bananas. Century Quiz

Q. What is the world’s largest rodent?

Ans:  Capybara

Q. Which winter game is known as the roaring game?

Ans:  Curling

Q. The first known what happened in Wisconsin in 1878?

Ans:  Organized motor race

Q. In 1935 Charlton C McGee invented what in the USA?

Ans: Parking Meter

Q. Which French philosopher created analytical geometry?

Ans:  Rene Descartes

Q. The length of what is approximately 1/10th circumference of the earth?

Ans:  Great wall of China

Q. What was the world’s first computer bug in 1946?

Ans: A moth

Q. What does a polytheistic person believe in?

Ans: Many Gods

Q. Who founded the Greek theatre?

Ans: Thespis

Q. Maria Magdalena Von Losch Beyyer is known as who?

Ans: Marlene Dietrich

Q. If you suffered from tantartism what would you be doing?

Ans: Dancing Mania

Q. Which literary prize started in 1968?

Ans:  Booker McConnell

Q. What country’s people spend most private money on recreation?

Ans:  Taiwan’s

Q. What links The Reivers, Grapes of Wrath, Humboldt’s Gift?

Ans:  Pulitzer Prize winners

Q. USA has the most airports which country has the second most?

Ans:  Australia

Q. Fredrick Sanger discovered which medical lifesaver?

Ans:  Insulin. Century Quiz

Q. Who invented punched cards used in early computing 1880s?

Ans:  Herman Hollerith

Q. What is a Dwarf Goby?

Ans:  World’s smallest fish

Q.What types can be saddle, plane or pivotal?

Ans:  Body Joints

Q. 1500 paces was what Roman measurement?

Ans:  League. Century Quiz

Q. Denis Gabor of Hungary in1971 won Nobel prize for what invention?

Ans:  Holograms

Q. In 1779 Abraham Darby built the world’s first what?

Ans:  Metal Bridge

Q. What is the world’s oldest monotheistic religion?

Ans:  Judaism

Q. An aubade or Alborada is a song – but what type?

Ans:  Mourning

Q. What sport links Castle Cup, Red Stripe Cup, Ranji Trophy?

Ans: Cricket

Q. What country’s leader does not have an official residence?

Ans:  Cuba

Q. Which writer coined the word Cyberspace in 1984?

Ans:  William Gibson (Neuromancer)

Q. Demeter was the Greek god of what (Ceres Roman)?

Ans: Harvest

Q. What film won the 1943 Oscar as the best film?

Ans: Casablanca

Q. What do ungulate animals alone have?

Ans:  Hooves

Q. Who wrote The Picture of Dorian Grey ?

Ans:  Oscar Wilde

Q. Who composed The Planets Suit?

Ans: Gustav Holst

Q. What links Doric, Ionic, Tuscan, Corinthian and Composite?

Ans: Classical Architecture

Q. What is phonetic alphabet word for U? Century Quiz

Ans: Uniform

Q. Why were women barred from the original Olympic Games?

Ans:  Male entries nude

Q. In 1867 Lucian B Smith invented what restraint?

Ans:  Barbed Wire

Q. What links Willie Brant, Lech Walesa, Yasser Arafat?

Ans:  Nobel Peace Prize

Q. Which country’s government spends most on social security?

Ans:  Uruguay. Century Quiz

Q. Archaeopteryx was the first what?

Ans:  Bird

Q. In 1810 in England Peter Durand invented what?

Ans:  Tin can (food)

Q. Who was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 (turned down)?

Ans:  Albert Einstein

Q. What is the oldest known infectious disease?

Ans:  Leprosy

Q. A JPEG is a picture file format – what does JPEG stand for?

Ans:  Joint Photographic Experts Group

Q. What is the world’s largest sea (in the area)?

Ans:  South China

Q. Which island’s wildlife is 90% unique?

Ans:  Madagascar

Q. What are truffles – highly prized as food?

Ans: Fungi. Century Quiz

Q. Which Game is Played 15 a side and scores 3 or 1 points?

Ans:  Gaelic Football

Q. What links Sissinnius, Zosimus, Liberius, Sergius V1, Victor II?

Ans:   Popes

Q. Bristle mouths are the world’s most common what?

Ans:  Fish

Q. What swims at 1/8 inch an hour?

Ans:  Sperm

Q. Trypanophobia is fear of what?

Ans: Inoculations (Injections)

Q. Chogori is better known by what name?

Ans:  K2

Q. Colonel Jacob Schick invented what in 1928 in the USA?

Ans:  Electric Razor

Q. What links Duke Wellington, Earl Derby, Marquis Salisbury?

Ans: UK Prime Ministers

Q. Which country has the world’s biggest (on land) National Park?

Ans:  Canada ( Wood Buffalo 17300s ml)

Q. What language speakers were shot in Russia and Germany 1930s?

Ans:  Esperanto

Q. Ronald Ross campaigned for the destruction of what?

Ans:  Mosquitoes – stop malaria

Q. Who won two Nobel prizes in different fields?

Ans: Marie Curie (Physics 1903, Chemistry 1911)

Q. Name 3rd century BC Greek mathematician wrote The Elements?

Ans:  Euclid. Century Quiz

Q. Evidence of what alternative treatment found in 5300 mummy?

Ans:  Acupuncture

Q. North Fork Roe River – world’s shortest – in which US state?

Ans: Montana

Q.In 1879 James Ritty invented what?

Ans:  Cash Register

Q. Who wrote the novel Tom Jones in 1749?

Ans: Henry Fielding

Q. What country – the largest earthquake of 20th century 8.6 Richter?

Ans: 1906 ( in Colombia)

Q. The okapi belongs to what family of animals?

Ans:  Giraffe. Century Quiz

Q. Dimitri Mendeleyev is credited with the discovery of what?

Ans:  Periodic Table

Q. What feature of a triangle makes it scalene?

Ans:  Different side lengths

Q. Taphophobia is fear of what?

Ans:  Buried Alive

Q. In the Chinese New Year what year follows?

Ans: Rat Ox

Q.  Genuphobia is the fear of what?

Ans: Knees

Q. Percy Le Baron Spencer invented what in 1945 in the USA?

Ans:  Microwave Oven

Q. St. Peter was the first Pope – Who was the second?

Ans:  St. Linus

Q. What 1945 film won best picture, actor, director Oscars?

Ans: The Lost Weekend

Q. What is the literal translation of pot-pouri? Century Quiz

Ans:  Putrid Pot

Q. Who did James Bond marry?

Ans: Theresa Draco

Q. What is studied in the science of somatology?

Ans: The Body. Century Quiz

Q. What was Hugh Hefner’s jet plane called?

Ans:  Big Bunny

Q. What profession did Handel originally study?

Ans:  The Law

Q. What European nation was the first to drink tea?

Ans:  The Dutch

Q. Beaufort – the wind scale man – had what job?

Ans:  Sailor (Admiral)

Q. What bird is the symbol of Penguin books (children’s section)?

Ans:  Puffin

Q. Which part of the body is most sensitive to radiation?

Ans:  The Blood

Q. What film made 58 times – cartoon, porrno, operatic, ballet?

Ans: Cinderella

Q. In which American city can you get a doctorate in hambugerology? 

Ans: Hamburger College (Chicago)

Q. Which author created The Saint?

Ans:  Leslie Charteris

Q. What is Sericulture?

Ans:  Growing Silkworms

Q. What was Edison’s first practical invention?

Ans:  Tick a Tape for Stock Market

Q. Frigophobia fear of what?

Ans:  Being Cold

Q. Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952?

Ans:  Sony. Century Quiz

Q. Who is the only solo performer to win Euro song twice?

Ans: Johnny Logan (1980 –1987)

Q.Franz Liszt was the farther in the law of what composer?

Ans:  Richard Wagner

Q. In what town was Leonardo Da Vinci born?

Ans:  Vinci

Q. Who directed the Halloween series of films?

Ans:  John Carpenter

Q. What metal impurity makes rubies red and emeralds green?

Ans:  Chromium

Q. Robert Whitehead invented what weapon in 1866?

Ans:  Torpedo

Q. Zymase and Glucose combine to form what drug?

Ans:  Alcohol

Q.Translated literally what does television mean?

Ans:  Far Seeing

Q. Who was the Greek goddess of retribution?

Ans:  Nemesis. Century Quiz

Q. 47 people worked on a committee to produce what work?

Ans:  Authorized Version of the Bible

Q. What book was made into the first feature-length British cartoon?

Ans:  Animal Farm in 1954

Q. Edwin Drake sank the first of them in 1859 – what were they?

Ans:  Oil Wells. Century Quiz

Q. Calico cloth was invented in which country?

Ans:  India

Q. Who played Pink in the movie The Wall Bob?

Ans:  Geldorf

Q. Rhabdophobia fear of what?

Ans:  Being Beaten

Q. Dr. C W Long was the first to use what (anaesthetic) in 1842?

Ans: Ether

Q. Hey Big Spender comes from what musical instrument?

Ans:  Sweet Charity

Q. Whose nickname was Slow-hand?

Ans: Eric Clapton

Q. Which country invented the mariner’s compass?

Ans:  China. Century Quiz

Q. What country’s international car registration letters are DZ?

Ans: Algeria

Q. The name Malissa means what?

Ans:  Bee

Q. Dragoon, Antwerp, Poulter, Tumbler, Horseman types of what?

Ans:  Pigeon

Q. What was the first frozen food available in Britain in 1937?

Ans:  Asparagus

Q. If you suffer from cynanthropy what do you think you are?

Ans:  Dog

Q. What is the phonetic alphabet word for letter P?

Ans: Papa

Q. The artis. Century Quizt Abbott Thayer’s developed what for military use?

Ans:  Camouflage colours

Q. What did Francis Bacon call The Purest of Pleasures?

Ans: The Garden

Q. What is the largest single known gold object in the world?

Ans: Tutankhamen’s Coffin

Q. Madame Pauline de Vere first female circus performer – do what?

Ans: Head in Lions Mouth

Q. How was Alexander the Great’s body preserved?

Ans: In large jar of honey

Q. What type of birds (Hugin + Munin) sit on the shoulders of Odin?

Ans: Ravens

Q. Where are you most likely to have a serious accident?

Ans: At your home

Q. Melvin R Bissell invented what in 1876 in the USA?

Ans: Carpet Sweeper

Q. Peniaphobia fear of what?

Ans: Being Penniless. Century Quiz

Q. About which game has most books been written?

Ans:  Chess

Q. Albert De Salvo was better known as who?

Ans: The Boston Strangler

Q. King Mongut had approximately 9000 wives /concubines what country?

Ans:  Siam  (Thailand)

Q. Only approximately one-third the world’s population uses what regularly?

Ans: Fork

Q. Clementina Campbell famous as who?

Ans: Cleo Lane

Q.What should you give after 15 years of marriage?

Ans:  Crystal

Q. What is a Charollais Type of?

Ans:  Cattle

Q. What place is called Rapa-nui by its native inhabitants?

Ans:  Easter Island

Q. What pop group took their name from a Herman Hess novel?

Ans: Steppen wolf

Q. How often does a Hebdomadal Council meet?

Ans:   Weekly. Century Quiz

Q. In what country is the Eucumbene Dam?

Ans:  Australia

Q. Males outnumber females by 5 to 1 in what addiction?

Ans:  Alcoholism

Q. For what would an Edgar be awarded or won?

Ans:  Mystery Writing

Q. What nation on average takes most time to eat meals?

Ans:  French

Q. Dr F Lanchester invented what motor safety aid in 1902?

Ans:  Disc Brakes

Q. Halophobia fear of what?

Ans:  Speaking

Q. Arthur Jefferson better known as who?

Ans: Stan Laurel

Q. Why is the city La Paz in Bolivia safe from fire?

Ans:  To high (Not enough air to burn)

Q. What is the national drink of Yugoslavia?

Ans:  Slivovitz

Q. Agnes the girls name means what?

Ans:  Chaste

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of France?

Ans: St. Denis

Q. What are you supposed to give/get for 40 years of marriage?

Ans: Ruby

Q. What is the Roman Numeral for 1000?

Ans:  M. Century Quiz

Q. What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil War?

Ans: Sideburns

Q. In what village do Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn live?

Ans:  St. Petersburg

Q. What Opera’s story is about a female cigar factory worker?

Ans:  Carmen

Q. E is the international car registration plate for which country?

Ans: Spain

Q. USA has the most roads what country has the second most?

Ans: India

Q. In the Chinese calendar what year follows Monkey?

Ans:   Chicken

Q. What river flows through 8 countries and four capitals?

Ans:  Danube

Q. What does the word Desert (from Latin desertus) translate as?

Ans:  Abandoned. Century Quiz

Q. In 1848 The London Daily News carried the world’s fist what?

Ans:  Weather report / forecast

Q. What is a Kakapo?

Ans: Nocturnal New Zealand Parrot

Q. What part of the human body can expand 20 times its normal size?

Ans:   Stomach 0.5 litres to 5 litres

Q. The island of Yap has the world’s largest what?

Ans:  Coins up to 12 feet across

Q. Which tennis player was sued by his fan club?

Ans: Jimmy Connors

Q. What is a chemically castrated cock called?

Ans:  Capon. C. Century Quiz

Q. Nessus killed Hercules – What was Nessus?

Ans:   Centaur

Q.Ben Franklin invented it – Britain tried it in 1916 – What?

Ans: Daylight-saving Time

Q. In which country is Mount Aspiring National Park?

Ans: New Zealand (South Island)

Q. Alfred Wallace coined which phrase – Wrongly given to Darwin?

Ans:  Survival of the Fittest

Q. Who won the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901 – gave away?

Ans:  Wilhelm Roentgen

Q.What country’s days include Fire day, Water day and Wood day?

Ans:  Japan (Tue, Wed, Thu)

Q. What city has the longest metro system?

Ans:  London. Century Quiz

Q.Yoga (the meditation) is a Sanskrit word meaning what?

Ans:  Union

Q. Which Science Fiction author invented the idea of the com Satellite?

Ans:  Arthur C Clark

Q. What country consumes the most coal each year?

Ans:  China

Q. What was Hebe the goddess of?

Ans: Youth. Century Quiz

Q.What are a Galliard, Sarabande, Morisca and Courante?

Ans:  Dance Types

Q. What would an anemometer measure?

Ans:  Wind Speed

Q. James Outram invented what?

Ans:  Tramways

Q. If you were eating calamari – what are you snacking on?

Ans:  Squid

Q. Which women injured while riding, eloped with a poet, had a dog?

Ans:   Elizabeth Barret Browning

Q. ROK international car registrations which country?

Ans: Korea

Q. USA has the most cars what country has the second most?

Ans:  Japan. Century Quiz

Q. All Sikhs must possess five things – one is a Kangha – what is it?

Ans:  Comb. Century Quiz

Q. What colour graded slope do expert skiers use?

Ans:  Black

Q. Randy Newman said: short people don’t have what?

Ans:  Reason to Live

Q. To which gentleman’s club did Phineas Fogg belong?

Ans: The Reform

Q.1804 J M Jacquard invented the first programmable device – what?

Ans:  Loom (programmed punch cards)

Q. Sobek was an Egyptian god – in what form is he seen?

Ans: Crocodile. Century Quiz

Q. The Amati family was famous for making what?

Ans:  Violins

Q.Oliver was fed gruel – it’s made from water and what?

Ans: Oatmeal

Q. Bunyan wrote Pilgrims Progress – where?

Ans:  Bedford Jail. 0 0 0

The End

Century Quiz

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