The Lion-An Essay


 The Lion-An Essay

The Lion-An Essay

The Lion

The Lion-An Essay

Introduction: The lion is a ferocious wild animal. It looks like a giant cat of majestic presence. It is very grand to see. It is called the ‘king of beasts’. 

Description: The lion has sharp and powerful claws and teeth. It has soft pads under the feet. Its body is covered with smooth hair and its legs are very strong. Its head is large, eyes-balls are big and vivid. It has a long tail with hair at the end. It has a mustache. The lioness has a long mane. The skin of the lion is light brown. Its height is four to six feet. It lives up to forty to fifty years. 

The lion is an animal of prey. It is a fleshing-eating animal and hunts almost all kinds of animal.  It never eats the flesh of its kind.

Nature: Lion is a fearful animal. It is very brave and strong. It also springs on very large elephants and tigers. There is some nobility in it. It does not kill an animal if it is not hungry and if it cannot catch prey with a spring. It can carry a large animal on its back. It sleeps during the day and hunts at night. It roars like thunder. Hearing the roar of the lion, men and other wild animals trembled with fear. The lioness gives birth to two cubs at a time.

Usefulness: Lion is not very useful for us. The lion’s fur makes a good posture. The lion is trained to play in the circus. It shows many tricks and games with its master.

Conclusion: The lion adds beauty and charm to nature. It also attracts visitors from abroad. With the increase in human population, the forest land has been decreasing day by day for which the lions with other wild animals are at a stake. So we should take steps to protect this animal. 0 0 0

The Lion-An Essay

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The Lion-An Essay

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