The Tiger-An Essay


 The Tiger-An Essay

The Tiger-An Essay

The Tiger

The Tiger-An Essay

Introduction: The tiger is a beautiful, gorgeous and ferocious wild animal. It is a kind of giant cat. It varies only in colour and shape from the cat. The tiger lives in warm countries. It is found in India and other hot parts of Asia. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the largest of all tigers. It is found in the Sundarbans of Bengal. 

Description: It has sharp claws and strong pointed teeth. With them, it tears the body of the animal on which it lives. It has soft pads under the feet. It has brown hair on its back and sides but white hair under the legs and abdomen. Its pale skin is covered with black stripes. It has a long tail. Its eyes are large and bright and it can see in the dark. It has a cat-like mustache. It is almost as strong as a lion. It is a beautiful and gorgeous animal.

Food: The tiger is a carnivorous animal. It preys on cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, deer and other animals. But it does not usually attack men unless offended. It is very fond of blood. It first sucks the blood of its prey and then eats the flesh.

Nature: In nature, the tiger is a ferocious animal. It is stronger and more formidable than a lion. It can see at night. Therefore, it sleeps during the day and hunts at night. The tiger roams slowly in the forest and suddenly roars at its prey. It can easily carry a cow or buffalo. The tiger lives in the forest, but sometimes at night, it comes to men’s homes and also takes pet animals. The tiger does not like strong sunlight. It is not great like a lion but is very clever and ferocious. It kills animals even when they are not hungry. The tiger is a good swimmer but it is not a good climber. The tiger produces four cubs in one birth. 

Tiger Hunting: Tiger hunting is done by men. Tiger hunting brings happiness. But this is a dangerous job. Hunters sometimes lose their lives while hunting. Tigers cannot be tied. It is trapped in a trap.

Usefulness: Tiger is not very useful for us. Its skin makes fine rugs and seats for Indian sages. It is trained to perform tricks in the circus. Thus it earns money for its owner.

Conclusion: For want of much forest land, the existence of the tiger is at stake. For the balance of biodiversity, we should protect this gorgeous species of animals. 0 0 0

The Tiger-An Essay

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The Tiger-An Essay

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The Tiger-An Essay

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