Technology-A Paragraph


Technology-A Paragraph

Technology- A Paragraph


Technology-A Paragraph

Technology is the practical use of machinery and pieces of equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. The 21st century is empowered with the gift of technology such as the Internet, smartphones, super-fast computers, smart TVs, artificial intelligence (robots) etc. Technology has become a part and parcel of our everyday routine and has revolutionized our lives in unimaginable ways. In almost all the spheres of our daily life, technology has been playing a vital role without which the machinery of modern civilization would cease to survive. Technological innovations have made man’s life convenient, easier and better than it was yesterday. This has made it possible to connect people from all over the world via smartphone, email, video call etc. Technology has replaced the traditional modes of transport and provided us with swift cars, trains, aeroplanes, jet planes, etc.  Medical  Science has also developed beyond imagination. Today almost all deadly diseases are under cure. Today we have technological innovations such as Ultra Sound, MRI scans, surgical pieces of machinery and other advanced tools. Technology has now become the most integral part of the development of any nation. Technology has also revolutionized agricultural production beyond imagination. In the field of education also, Technology has been being widely used and nowadays it is possible to acquire knowledge on anything with the press of a key button only. Though technology has revolutionized our age, it has given rise to some negative effects also. For example, it has produced a vicious cycle of cyber warfare, hackers, terrorist attacks, social tensions and so on.  It has made people addicted to social networking making them dull and ignorant. Modern technology is eroding the creativity of human hands and brains. Of too much use of technology in every field of human activity, the natural environment has been degrading day by day.   The world of today is so technology dependent that it is quite impossible to come out of its net. But we should use it for our fair purpose only so that we can get rid of its bad effects. 0 0 0
Technology-A Paragraph

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Technology-A Paragraph

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Technology-A Paragraph

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