Science and War Essay


Science and War Essay

Science and War

Science and War Essay

The modern world is called to be the world of Science as it has affected the modern world so much that no man living in human society can live a moment without the aid of science. Everything that we handle and use from morning till evening and even the things on which we sleep at night are the contributions of science. Thus science is associated with every walk of our life. Besides this, science has not fallen back to affect the wars that the nations do against each other. Though almost all the scientific implements of war are invented during the last two centuries, yet science is associated with warlike a fierce lion to suck the blood of mankind. The things and implements that are used in wars are guns, cannons, tanks, missiles, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, lethal gas etc.

In the very ancient time, we see the use of science in the war between Hiero, the king of Syracuse and the Romans. During their wartime, the scientist Archimedes invented some scientific implements after the request of King Hero. Among some other things, he invented a special kind of mirror by which king Hiero destroyed all the warships of the Romans.

In the war of Kurukshetra, the second Pandava Bhima had used a kind of implement called a Club from which explosive fire came out when struck with it. In the modern age, the club of Bhima is equivalent to a modern hand bomb.

In the middle ages scientist like Leonardo da Vinci, and Galileo were employed in government services by the Duke of Milan and the Duke of Tuscandy respectively because of their contributions to science. Thus during the time of the French Revolution the chemist Lavoisier was compelled to prepare explosive materials. From such instances, we see that even the kings and political leaders patronized the scientists to use scientific implements in war.

But the first systematic use of science and scientific inventions was made and used in the war of Crimea in 1854. In that year the British soldiers built the railroad to use in war. 

In India, in the war of Panipat, the Mughal Emperor Babar used cannons against his enemy Ibrahim Lodi.

During the twentieth century, the world experienced two World Wars in which science had shown its front teeth to civilized mankind. The most dreadful use of science is seen in World War II. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities in Japan, are the worst instances of the bad effects of science.  We have faced another deadly war between Iraq and America in which almost every kind of war implement is used.

Thus we see that where there is war there is science. Now a question may arise whether the use of science in war is bliss or a curse upon mankind. To its answer, we must admit unanimously that the use of science in war is a curse, not bliss. Because war can do nothing, except devastation, death and decay, sorrow and sufferance. It seems that one day if the use of science is not cut off from war the world would be destroyed forever.

We hope that a time will come when all human beings would give up all harmful and jealous intentions against each other and will live peacefully forgetting the talk of war. 0 0 0

Science and War Essay

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Science and War Essay

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