My Study | My Study Essay

My Study Essay


My Study |  My Study Essay

My Study My Study Essay

My Study Essay

My Study Essay

I am a student and study is my sole duty. I read books to learn and know matters so as to mould myself as a fitted and successful citizen of the world.

Though the study is my sole duty, yet I do not keep myself busy at study all the time. After the advice of my English teacher, I have made a timetable for my study which I follow strictly. During my school-going days, I read my curriculum for three hours in the morning. And at night I spend three to four hours studying Science, Mathematics and English textbooks.

But during holidays, I do not follow this timetable strictly. I am a curious student and to meet my curiosity, I read books other than my school books with much interest. Among the out books, I read literary and historical books. I also like autobiographies and travelogues. Already I have read out the complete works of Laxminath Bezbaruah, Rajanikanta Bardoloi and Satyanath Bora. Besides these, I like to study the scriptures of world religions. 

Through study, I am benefited in various ways. From the study of books, I have learned many valuable lessons which have not been taught in school. Moreover, the study has taught me a scientific outlook on life.  It has broadened my store of knowledge and has been leading me from narrow-mindedness to broad-mindedness.

I pray to God may He keeps my mind and body hale and sound so that I can continue my study throughout my life and can spread the outcomes of my study to the welfare of humanity. 0 0 0

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