School Life-An Essay


School Life-An Essay

School Life-An Essay

School Life

School Life-An Essay

Introduction: A school is a place of study. Boys and girls receive education and training in school. School life is a very important part of life. 

Why School Life is Important: There are many reasons for being school life an important one.

First, school life is the time of preparation for future life. Our habits are formed in our young days. Our future life is what we make in our childhood. School life lays the foundation for future life. In school, a boy has the scope to develop his body and mind.

Secondly, in school, boys and girls learn the lesson of discipline. They have to study and prepare for their daily lessons. Every day they have to do certain tasks.  

Thirdly, the school teaches us a sense of equality. A rich man’s son and a poor man’s son are treated equally in school. In school, boys have to do their own work. They are under the control of their teacher. Teachers praise the students for their good work and reprimand them for their bad work. There no predilection. At school, a boy cannot do what he likes. He should follow the school rules and follow the instructions of his teachers. In the playground, he is one of the others. He should adapt to his equality.

Fourthly, school life is the happiest period of a person’s life. It is free from all the cares and concerns of the world. We can never forget the old days. Our hearts leaped with joy when we find our old schoolmates. We feel immense pleasure in talking about our past happy days at school.

Duties in Schol Life: School life is not as pleasant as it first appears. It has big responsibilities. If they are discharged well then they get successful. If we ignore this best phase of life then we have to suffer loss for a long time. The first and most important duty of a student is to read books and acquire knowledge. He should participate in sports and do healthy exercises. He should be regular and punctual in doing his work. He should practice on the basis of honesty and the spirit of companionship. He should leave bad companies. In youth, we cannot know what is good and what is bad. Therefore we should always follow the instruction of our teachers and elders. Our future career depends on the training received in the early days. 

Conclusion: A school is a place where the future of children is shaped. So we should be fair and attentive to learn the lessons taught at school. 0 0 0

School Life-An Essay

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School Life-An Essay

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School Life-An Essay

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