Rabindranath Tagore-Brief Life Sketch


Rabindranath Tagore-Brief Life Sketch


Rabindranath Tagore-Brief Life Sketch

Rabindranath Tagore-Brief Life Sketch

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) was a Nobel Prize awardee Indian Bengali writer, musician, artist, social reformer,  intellectualist, educationalist and nationalist. He was born in Kolkata in 1861 to a well-to-do and reputed family. His father’s name was Debendranath Tagore and his mother’s name was Sarada Devi. Child Rabindranath found schooling boresome and hence he could hardly have his schooling up to high school. Then he was taught music, art and literature at home under private teachers. Though he did not like institutional education he was a voracious reader and studied Bengali, Sanskrit and English books at home after his own choice. He began writing verse at the early age of twelve and devoted himself to writing books. In 1883 he married Mrinalini Devi.

As he devoted his life to writing, he wrote a huge number of books. He left no branch of literature to be untouched as he wrote poems, songs, short stories, dramas, novels, essays, criticisms etc. ‘Geetanjali’ a collection of songs is his masterpiece. This book owned him the prestigious Nobel Prize in 1913. He was the first Indian and the first Bengali to win the prize. Love: love for man, love for nature, love for God and love for motherland are the main themes of his songs and poems. Among his best-known creations, apart from Geetanjali, mention may be made of Gora, Ghare Baire, Jana-Gana-Mana, Amar Shonar Bangla, Chokher Bali, Shesher Kabita, The Post Office, The Gardener, Yagayog and so on.  In the Bengali world, he is well-known as ‘Kabiguru’ (master of poets).

Rabindranath Tagore died at Jorasanku Thakur Bari, Kolkata in 1941. 0 0 0


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