Parshuram Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch


Parshuram Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch

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Parshuram Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch

Parshuram Sonowal

Parshuram Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch

Parshuram Sonowal was an athlete, musician, educator, lawyer and writer from the Sonowal Kashari community in Assam.

Parashuram Sonowal was born on 25 May 1904 in Nagaghuli Tea Garden. His father’s name was Panchanan Sonowal and his mother was Gutimala Sonowal. 

Parashuram Sonowal started his primary education at Graham Bazar Lower Basic School and in 1924 he passed Matriculation in the first division and I A from Cotton College. For higher education, he went to Calcutta and enrolled in the Presidency College. He graduated from the University in 1932 with a master’s degree in history. At the same time, he passed L.L. B. from the same university

At a time when tennis, football and hockey were not well-known in Assam, Parshuram Sonawal was able to earn a place in the football, hockey and tennis sports of the Presidency College. 

He started his career in 1934 by joining the Dibrugarh Bar Association. Parashuram Sonwal was the first Assamese to enroll as a bar at law in the Dibrugarh Bar Association.

Parashuram Sonwal was involved in many social activities. Sonawal served twice as an active member of the Dibrugarh Local Board, a member of the Assam Medical School Board, the President of the District Tribal League and twice as the Secretary of the Dibrugarh Bar Association. In the post-independence period, he made many contributions to the ‘Sadau Assam Tribal League’, which was formed to promote the social, educational, economic and cultural development of the underdeveloped ethnic groups of Assam.

He died on the first of October, 1960.  0 0 0

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Parshuram Sonowal

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