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Our Classroom Our Classroom Essay

Our Classroom Essay

Our Classroom Essay

Introduction: I am a student of Kayakuchi H. S. School. I read in class VIII. There are five buildings in our school. One building is used as a library and Teachers’ Common room. Our classroom belongs to the new building.

Description: Our classroom is a very spacious nice room. There are about twenty-five desks and benches. They are made of fine wood. There is a platform on the front middle side of the classroom in which there is a chair and a table.  There is a big blackboard hanging on the wall beside the platform.

There are eight windows and two doors in our classroom. There is a ceiling made of bamboo but well painted. There are four fans to cool us in summer. We all take care of our classroom and try to keep it neat and clean every day.  We all maintain discipline and sweep our classroom ourselves by turns. The class representative is very sincere to keep us under discipline. We never write on the desks and benches. To scribe on the walls and doors is strictly prohibited.

Conclusion: We are proud of belonging to such a neat and clean classroom. 0 0 0

Our Classroom Essay

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Our Classroom Essay

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