Naoriya Phulo-Brief Life Sketch


Naoriya Phulo-Brief Life Sketch 

Naoriya Phulo-Brief Life Sketch

Naoriya Phulo

Naoriya Phulo-Brief Life Sketch

Naoriya Phulo was a modern Manipuri writer.

He was born on 28 August 1888 in a village called ‘Laishram Khun’ in Rajeshwarpur mouza of Hailakandi district of Assam. He was the fifth child of Naorem Chaoba and Thambau Devi. 

Their ancestors were the people of Manipur. Some of them were cousins of a royal family. Later on, during the Burmese invasion, his grandfather Herand left Manipur with his family and came to Hilakandi, Assam and settled there. Naoriya Phulo was educated in a local school and entered the teaching profession.

The third decade of the twentieth century (1920-30) was the dawn of modern Manipuri literature. During this period of time, some educated Manipuri people devoted themselves to creative literary works.

Naoria Phulo had been focusing on literature since her teaching days. His literary career began with translation. From 1918 to 1919, he wrote a total of five plays based on Hindu anecdotes. They are (1) ‘Ininthau Harichandra’ – (King Harichandra) (2) ‘Sita Banavas’ (3) ‘Ramna Banavasatagi Halvalkalavada’ – (On the return of Rama from the forest) (4) ‘Dushmanta Shakuntala’. He wrote more than 19 books in life in addition to writing some essays. 

Notable books written in prose include: (1) ‘Mitai Haubham Vari’ (History of Mitai), (2) ‘Gaur Dharma Chankapa Matang’ (Confluence of Gaur or Gaudiya Dharma Pravartan), (3) ‘Mitai Yelai’), (4) ‘Ahan Yathang’ – (Guru’s advice), (5) ‘Haurkapa Amsung Haubham’ (Puravritta), (6) ‘Bamongi Matik’ – (Influence of Bamun), (6) ‘Ugi Wareng’ – (My Prose essays) etc.

His poems are full of spiritual sentiments and legends of the ancient tradition as well as hymns, mantras and songs of the extinct Mitai gods and goddesses. 

This multi-talented short-lived Naoria Phulo passed away on June 30, 1941, at the age of just 53 years. 0 0 0


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