My Town | My Town Essay



My Town Essay

My Town | My Town Essay

My Town | My Town Essay

Introduction: The name of my town is Howly. It is a small town but very neat and clean. It is situated about ten kilometres north of Barpeta town.

Population: The town is thickly populated. There are about ten thousand people of different castes living in the town. We live in perfect peace and harmony.

Public Institutions: There are five Primary Schools and three High Schools- one for girls only. There are two Junior Colleges. There are seven Masjids and five temples to worship God. There is a Town Library. It is full of books on various subjects. There are two hospitals, two post offices and two veterinary dispensaries. The Police Station is on the west side of the town. It is one of the most important business places in the district of Barpeta.

The Bazaar is the nucleus of business of the town. The market is famous for the business of tamul-pan. Large numbers of people come from the nook and corner of Assam for purchasing tamul and pan. Wednesday and Saturday are the market days. On market days, the town becomes over and overcrowded. 

The main attractive and praiseworthy thing of the town is the Rash Mandir. It is famous all over Assam. During the observation of the Rash Festival, people from distant places come to sanctify their hearts and soul.

Conclusion: Our town is a grand one. I love it the most. I shall try my best to lead this town to the path of more glory and development. 0 0 0

My Town Essay

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My Town Essay

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