Mobile Phone: Its Uses and Abuses


Mobile Phone: Its Uses and Abuses

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Mobile Phone Its Uses and Abuses

Mobile Phone Its Uses and Abuses

The mobile phone is the latest wonderful invention of Science which has become one of the fundamental tools of communication in our everyday life. It has many merits in our day-to-day life. It has enlarged the area of our knowledge opening up a new door of discovery. The facility of the internet added to the multiple functions of the mobile phone has made the flow of the latest knowledge possible. The mobile phone has a tremendous capacity for calculating, sending messages, and making calls in less time at a cheaper price. Along with its merits, it bears some demerits and abuses also. As the scope of the functions of a mobile phone has been enlarged immensely, most children seem to be glued to it by playing games, listening to songs, sending unnecessary messages etc. Some children are found addicted to seeing pornography. Besides, the school students have taken to waste a lot of their time on useless calls and messaging. In this sense, the mobile phone is a bane. Some amount of carefulness should be maintained in using a mobile phone. 0 0 0

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