If I Were a Teacher-A Paragraph


If I Were a Teacher-A Paragraph

If I Were a Teacher-A Paragraph

If I Were a Teacher-A Paragraph

Now I am a student, but if I were a teacher I would have taken up it not only as my profession but also as my religion and I would have devoted myself wholeheartedly to this job. I think a teacher should be a friend, a guide, and a philosopher. if I were a teacher, I would have taken my students as my friends so that they could become free and frank with me, and then I would have done these things: First, before giving them teaching, I would have explained the significance and importance of the prescribed topic because I think that when a student becomes aware of the significance of anything then the topic becomes easier to understand. Secondly, I would have taught them some methods of studying books because a methodical study is more fruitful in knowing things. Thirdly, I would have tried to render them an ideal moral lesson through my practical dealings along with imparting textual knowledge because education without morality is of no value. Fourthly, I would have given more emphasis on giving realistic and technical education so that after coming out of school life they can live a self-dependent life. Fifthly, I would have given the students some necessary religious teaching to broaden their minds with humanitarian outlooks. Thus, if I were a teacher I would have turned my students into perfect citizens of human society in the true sense. 0 0 0

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