Metonymy | Metonymy Meaning, Definition, Illustration


Metonymy | Metonymy Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Metonymy Meaning

Metonymy | Metonymy Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Metonymy | Metonymy Meaning, Definition, Illustration

The word ‘metonymy’ has come from the Greek word ‘metonumia’ meaning substitution of name. This figure of speech consists of the substitution of the thing named for the thing meant. For example

I read ‘Shakespeare’ regularly.

In this statement, Shakespeare is used for this work.

More examples:

  1. Mohammad lived a pious life from ‘cradle to grave’. = (from childhood to death).
  2. Rajen was raised to ‘the bench’. = (the office of the judge).
  3. He succeeded to the ‘crown’. = (monarchy)
  4. We are accustomed to ‘red-tape’. = (official formality).
  5. The ‘grey hairs’ should be respected. = (old people)
  6. ‘Leather’ pays better than learning. = (shoe-making job)
  7. The ‘crown’ (king) would not yield to the ‘mitre’ (priest).
  8. The ‘pen’ (writer) is mightier than the ‘sword’ (soldier).
  9. The ‘press’ (journalists) are being harassed these days.
  10. Give thy ear (attention) to everyman.
  11. This book is bound in ‘Morocco’ (leather made in Morocco).
  12. I read ‘Milton’ (Milton’s works) in College.
  13. The ‘whole city’ (all the inhabitants of the city) went out to see the scientist.
  14. He drank the ‘cup’ (the content of the cup).
  15. Mahatma Gandhi is known to ‘all India’ (all Indians).
  16. The ‘jug’ (the contents of the jug) boils.
  17. Ram is basking in the ‘sun’ (sunshine).
  18. A thing of beauty is a ‘joy’ (cause of joy) forever.
  19. His success was his ‘honour’ (cause of honour).
  20. Rabindranath is the ‘pride’ (object of pride) of India.
  21. Weep no more, woeful shepherds, weep no more

For Lycidas, ‘your sorrow’ (object of sorrow) is not dead. – Milton.

  1. All the houses (people living in the houses) are hungry. 0 0 0.

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