Life is Work-An Essay


 Life is Work-An Essay

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Life is Work-An Essay

Life is Work

Life is Work-An Essay

Work is an activity either physical or mental that produces an effect. In other words, to say, work is the act of putting effort into something in order to achieve a result.  

Birth and death do not define life. Real life is the work we do between birth and death. Life is not worth living in the absence of work. So we have to say that it is impossible to think of life without work. It is often said that life is not measured in terms of years, but in terms of accomplishments that we perform during our lifetime. 

Every man has to do some work for his survival. He has to work to earn his bread. It is also said that man cannot live by bread alone. He should have a place to stay or he should be protected from sun and rain and should rest after a day’s hard work. He should also have his clothes. He should work to get all these essential things for living a social life. We see that wild animals, birds,  insects etc. live on the foods found in  Nature. They don’t have to produce their food, yet they have to move in search of food and shelter. 

Men in the primitive era lived mainly on the gifts of Nature. There was little difference in the way of life of humans and other beings. But man is provided with intelligence. As he went through different stages of life, he gained experience and knowledge resulting in advancement and progress in every sphere of life. All these improvements and achievements are possible only through their laborious work. Each person works according to his intelligence and ability to meet his needs.  Whatsoever men do, gives rise to progress and prosperity. We know that the tireless works of men contribute to the development of modern civilization. Thus the secret of the success of humanity is nothing but hard labour.

Works are of two types:  physical and intellectual. Of course, there is a degree of difference between the two. The intellectual labour of a scientist or a philosopher is much more intense than the intellectual labour of a man engaged in road construction. But the work of each type has its own respective importance.

The achievements and success achieved through our works can’t be ignored because our works directly or indirectly contribute to the progress of civilization. Scientists like Harvey,  Addison, C. V. Raman; Philosophers like Radhakrishnan, Kant, Freud; social workers like Mahatma Gandhi, Jayaprakash, Mother Teresa and so on are remembered because of their works. It makes us realize that life is nothing but work. But our work must be productive and honest. 0 0 0

Life is Work-An Essay

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Life is Work-An Essay

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Life is Work-An Essay

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