Holidays and How I Spend Them


Holidays and How I Spend Them

Holidays and How I Spend Them

Holidays and How I Spend Them

A holiday means a day of rest from our day-to-day routine life. The word ‘holiday’ is very pleasing to everybody.

The object of holidays should be great and we should spend the holidays meaningfully and wisely. During our working days, we are occupied with our duties. We have no time to stand and stare. But it is a holiday which gives us opportunities to refresh our body and mind. We can make use of holidays in the following ways:

We can visit new places during our holidays. It will be easy to meet our relatives during the holidays. Visiting friends and relatives act positively on our mutual understanding and cooperation.

During the holidays the students can revise old lessons. Besides this, they should read out books also to increase their store of knowledge.

During holidays we should devote ourselves to some social work like repairing village roads, cleansing temples or doing household work. The students may help their parents in their agriculture or other work.

During holidays the students may take to some extra-curriculum activities like practising arts, music or any other technical works so as to get practical experience.

If one can spend a holiday meaningfully, it will seem to do a lot for our body and mind. It can add vigour and zest to our life. 0 0 0

Holidays and How I Spend Them

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Holidays and How I Spend Them

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