Cottage Industries of Assam-An Essay



Cottage Industries of Assam

Cottage Industries of Assam

Cottage Industries of Assam Essay

Cottage Industries are industries where products are produced at home by the members of a family with the help of some simple tools. Cottage industries are there all over India. They vary from state to state. In Assam cottage industries have special importance. Some of the important cottage industries of Assam are as follows:

Sericulture and Silk-Weaving: Assamese women are very skilled in the art of spinning and weaving. The cottage industry is the first requirement of every Assamese family. Some lakhs of handlooms are in use in Assam. Different varieties of clothes are produced in it. The tribal women are also experts in this art. Ari, endi, mega, silk, pat etc. with handloom woven designs are some of the important varieties. Sualkuchi is famous for producing pat at their looms.

Cane and Bamboo Works: It is the second most important cottage industry of Assam. Chairs, tables and other beautiful furniture are made of cane and bamboo. This industry is practised by all Assamese people in their homes.

Brass and Metal Industry: In these industries, Assam is famous all over India. Hajo and Sharthebari, in the district of Kamrup, have earned a reputation for these industries. Sarai manufactured in these industries is the symbol of Assamese culture and tradition. 

In addition to these industries, Assam is not lagging behind in woodworks, goldsmithy and blacksmithy. Some lakhs of people are involved in these industries.

In the economy of Assam, these industries are rendering a better contribution since the advent of the Ahoms. But nowadays the cottage industries have been facing keen competition from merchandised industries. The products of cottage industries require much time and energy and consequently they become costlier than the merchandised products. For such reasons, most of the cottage industries of Assam are on the verge of death.

The development of our economy depends largely on the improvement of the rural economy. To improve the country’s economy these cottage industries must be developed and improved and the government must come forward to protect and develop these industries. 0 0 0

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