Gagan Chandra Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch


Gagan Chandra Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch


Gagan Chandra Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch

Gagan Chandra Sonowal

Gagan Chandra Sonowal-Brief Life Sketch

Gagan Chandra Sonowal was a social work and writer of Sonowal Kachari Tibe.

Gagan Chandra Sonowal was born on 24 December 1926 in the Shukanguri Tea Garden near Barhapjan in Trinchokiya District. His father’s name was Tilak Sonowal and his mother’s name was Aditi Sonowal.

He started his education at Makum Primary School and passed the matriculation examination at Dangri Middle English School. After graduating from Dibrugarh Hanuman Box Kanai College, he completed his post-graduation examination in Arts and made an end to his higher education.

After completing his education, he started his career as a teacher in 1947. Apart from teaching, Sonowal also engaged in agriculture to become self-sufficient.

Gagan Chandra Sonowal started his literary career from the time he was a student in middle school. In 1942, his article entitled “Human Civilization and Evolution” appeared in the school magazine. Later on, he wrote several books, among which mention may be made of- ‘Sonowal Kacharisakalar Aitijya’, Asomar Sanskritit Sonowalsakalar Avodan’, ‘Loka Sahitya Sangrah’ and some others.

He formed the first branch of the Sahitya Sabha in Kakpathar. He was the President of the undivided Dibrugarh District and the Founder President of the Tinichukiya District.

Sonawal, indifferent to public praise, devoted himself to silent deeds all his life. He died on October 27, 2009.   0 0 0


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